In the Mail Today

Our Nature Friend magazine came in the mail today.  I got a hold of it first and went straight to the “You Can Draw” page where the polar bears were featured.  I was very disappointed when Kevin and MaryEllen’s pictures were not in there.

We were on our way into town and John was sitting next to me looking at the magazine.  He read, “Kevin Vogel age 10.  Hey Mom, Kevin’s picture is in here.”

So, if you get your hands on a copy of the June 2009 issue of Nature Friend, you can see Kevin’s eagle picture on page 13.  I hadn’t even see it before he sent it off, so I don’t have a copy to scan!


2 Responses to “In the Mail Today”

  1. Laura Says:

    Congratulations, Kevin! You are a published artist, now – that’s great!


  2. Jennifer Mackintosh Says:

    Hey…I’m catching up!!!!

    My kids were jumping up and down when they saw Kevin’s name and drawing in this Nature Friend!!!! They could not believe it…Kevin was in ****NATURE FRIEND*****!!!!!! He’s a celebrity now! Congrats, Kevin!

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