March Almost Gone…

So many things to post…so little time.  Before my battery camera went, I actually had taken pictures and mean to post.  The first post I wanted to write was a “Signs of Spring” post. 

Signs of Spring, early March, 2009

We had some beautiful Spring-like days in the beginning of March.  The girls love to make beautiful mud cakes.  That is, they take the dirt and dress it up with beautiful greens and flowers.  MaryEllen very much likes pretty things.  I cannot wait until she is old enough to help decorate the house.  It will always be pretty with her around.

girls-and-mud-pies   me-with-pie

We took a walk down to the creek.  It was warm!  (The weather, not the creek).  We found our usual little snail shells, “Indian money,” and a nice piece of bark with some growth on it. 


We went out and picked some lovely daffodils. 


john   shabby

A few days later, my next post would have been titled, “SNOW!”


Not just any snow, FIVE INCHES!!!  Down here in Bodenburg, that is extremely rare!  Kevin went outside and told me there was about 4 inches.  My reply, “No there’s  not.”   Boy was I wrong.  Joe went out with a ruler.  It was beautiful and lasted a few days. 

snow-1     snow-2


On to present things…Joe has been plowing.  We have a pumpkin patch plowed, a regular garden space, and a large space for the children to plant watermelon and gourds.  We’ll see how they do with weeding this year.  They insist (as they do every year) that they will keep up with the weeding.  We’ll see. 

Perhaps I need to go out right now and get pictures of the girls with the blooms.  I saw that the iris plants have buds on them.    Also we had a tremendous amount of rain yesterday.  We have a pond in Frisky’s field and the side stream is running hard and fast, perhaps harder and faster than it has since before we moved here.  The damn burst!  With that went all of Joe’s plumbing to the old water system.  Generally that is how we water the pumpkin patch.  I have no doubt that he’ll come up with something else.

One more story and then I must go.  I had a customer here for a tax return.  She was a 72 year old lady.  The children were told not to come into the school room (also my office) while the person was here.  Never-the-less, right in the middle of the tax return the door opened slowly.  I then see a little arm and hand holding underpants.  A little voice said, “Mama, can you help put these on?”  Charlotte was naked from the waist down.  I had to excuse myself to go help her.  What a humbling moment.  The client didn’t mind, but I know my face was a lovely shade of red.


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