A Quick Note

See the pictures at the top of the blog?  That is what it looks like right now.  The Bradford pear trees are in full bloom.  It is beautiful.

I recently lost the battery charger for my camera.  Joe ordered me another, so my camera should be up and running very soon.  I am so thankful because there are so many blooms out there right now.


One Response to “A Quick Note”

  1. dorothy Says:

    I have decided to let Anne be the family photographer. She took photography in school last year and really has an eye for composition. She can remember where her camera is, as she keeps it locked up in her footlocker. Me, I can’t remember anything, including if I gave the baby clothes away when Sam out grew them. I think I did, as I have not found them in any of the containers in the attic. I went through all of them. On the good side, I organised all the toys, so we can just take down one bin if they want the duplos or waffle blocks, without having to sort them then. 🙂

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