Nature Sightings Today, March 10, 2009


-second salamander

-ring neck snake

-mouse (found the nest)

-gray fox

-mocking bird down by the creek (I was very close to this bird when we both realized and he flew away!)

-common water snake (with his happy little round eyes)

-2 very large wasps in the house

-eastern phoebes out the window

Kevin’s comment:  This is how we saw the fox.  John threw a branch into a brier patch.  John thought the branch was rolling, but it turned out to be a grey fox!

James and Mom saw the water snake (Mom knows where to look!)

Kevin:  I lifted a rock and I saw a mouse!  I saw the nest with it.

Heard this morning while lying in bed: 
Kevin: “Don’t worry it’s not poisonous.” 
Dad:  “Well it doesn’t belong in the house.”

Unfortunately, the battery charger for my camera is missing!


One Response to “Nature Sightings Today, March 10, 2009”

  1. Laura Says:

    Kevin – did you see baby mice? I have always wanted to see the baby squirrels, but have never managed to.

    We had a great big rat in the office last week! Fortunately, it was not running around MY desk, but my boss was not pleased and was standing on her chair!


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