The Pet of the Met

One of the nice things about the children getting older is that they have the brain space to remember neat facts about picture books.  We had an opportunity to go see the opera “The Magic Flute” the other night.  When I told John what the name of the show was, he immediately said, “I think that is mentioned in a book.”  He ran off to get it and surly it was in there.   The Pet of the Met is written by Lydia and Don Freeman (Don Freeman is the author of Corduroy books.)  Kevin was kind enough to read the book to his sisters before we left.  When we got in the theater, John kept saying that he wondered what the foolish bird catcher was going to look like.  As soon as he came out, we knew who he was!  It was a wonderful opera that ran just short of an hour.  Charlotte was on the edge of her seat for most of the play.  The kids all loved it.   The timing was perfect for this performance because I have really been feeling like we need some culture in our lives.  We got a dose that night.  The only picture I took was of the boys  before the performance.



One Response to “The Pet of the Met”

  1. Laura Says:

    I see four boys there in that there picture…

    Mom used to take me into Boston a few times a year for a children’s symphony matinee, followed by lunch at a “fancy” place, and then a museum. She said, too, it was to give me “culture,” and I loved dressing up and using my best table manners over a “fancy” lunch. Tom joined in on the outings when he was older, but I didn’t like that, of course – I liked it with just mom and me! Mom said that Tom needed “culture” too, though, and that was that.

    Beginning next year, I get 3 weeks of vacation a year. Then, I will be able to visit you, and do architecture with the kids! (The older boys will be ready for some advanced drawing, I’m thinking.) I can’t wait.


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