Happy Valentine’s Day (A Day Late!)

Today the girls and I are home.  They are coughing and I am feeling cruddy.  Other than that, it is a beautiful Sunday here in Bodenburg!    My stinkin’ class was over last Monday.  I was walking around like a little child on Christmas, all giddy and excited.  It is amazing what a class that you don’t like can do to you.  I did manage to get an A, but I just could not stand it!  So, now I’m taking my first college accounting class in….well…let me think about this…how long?  Seventeen years?  No, can that be possible?  I guess so.  It sure is a lot of work, but I love it!

Our MaryEllen turned 6.  My first little girl is 6 years old already.  I cannot believe it.  She was healthy for her birthday, thank God.  We had cake a couple of days before because some friends were over.  We didn’t have cake on her actual birthday, but we had pizza and that is all the rage here.  Heard the next day was, “Mom, when are you going to make pizza again?”  Aunt Mary Lou’s package arrived and the gifts were wonderful.  It was hard to get MaryEllen to take the clothes off the next day so they could be washed.  She loves the drawing set and takes it with her where ever she can.

 me-09-bday-1   me-09-bday-2 

  me-09-bday-3   me-09-bday-4  MaryEllen’s little friend made the matching aprons for MaryEllen and her doll.  Her little friend’s mother made the dress for the doll. 

Now, here’s the token baby pictures. 

veronica-feb-09-1     veronica-feb-09-2

Have a great week!


One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day (A Day Late!)”

  1. Laurahiblclark Says:

    Happy Birthday to MaryEllen! I well remember the night she was born! SNOW! Can’t believe she’s already 6! Hope you all feel better soon! God bless you all!

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