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A Rosary Give Away

February 15, 2009

This after noon I was checking in on some blogs that I really like, but don’t get to much these days.  Ruth at Just Antoher Day in Paradise is having a drawing for a rosary that she made.  It has been so long since I visited there that I didn’t even know she was making rosaries.  So, go to her blog and leave a comment before the 18th.

John’s New Blog

February 15, 2009

I almost forgot to announce this…In case you came here looking for football stuff…

John’s new blog…

Happy Valentine’s Day (A Day Late!)

February 15, 2009

Today the girls and I are home.  They are coughing and I am feeling cruddy.  Other than that, it is a beautiful Sunday here in Bodenburg!    My stinkin’ class was over last Monday.  I was walking around like a little child on Christmas, all giddy and excited.  It is amazing what a class that you don’t like can do to you.  I did manage to get an A, but I just could not stand it!  So, now I’m taking my first college accounting class in….well…let me think about this…how long?  Seventeen years?  No, can that be possible?  I guess so.  It sure is a lot of work, but I love it!

Our MaryEllen turned 6.  My first little girl is 6 years old already.  I cannot believe it.  She was healthy for her birthday, thank God.  We had cake a couple of days before because some friends were over.  We didn’t have cake on her actual birthday, but we had pizza and that is all the rage here.  Heard the next day was, “Mom, when are you going to make pizza again?”  Aunt Mary Lou’s package arrived and the gifts were wonderful.  It was hard to get MaryEllen to take the clothes off the next day so they could be washed.  She loves the drawing set and takes it with her where ever she can.

 me-09-bday-1   me-09-bday-2 

  me-09-bday-3   me-09-bday-4  MaryEllen’s little friend made the matching aprons for MaryEllen and her doll.  Her little friend’s mother made the dress for the doll. 

Now, here’s the token baby pictures. 

veronica-feb-09-1     veronica-feb-09-2

Have a great week!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

February 3, 2009

Today our realtor comes and looks at the land.  As you well know, the market is at a standstill.  Sometimes I just wish that God would come right down and tell me what his will is for us.  We would like to move closer to Huntsville because we spend so much time there.   The drawback is we really, really like our property.  If we stay we will have to put an addition on.   I don’t want to think how long that will take.  Yet, the thought of keeping the house is selling condition with six children doesn’t thrill me either.  We have also been looking at property.  It is expensive and the things that are in our price range are always missing something, whether it be a garage, bedrooms, room in general, etc.  We did find a wonderful place that would suit us nicely; however it was sitting across the street from a landfill.  Yuck!

On top of that, Mondays are just busy.  We spent most of the day running around, ending up at Cub Scouts a half an hour late.  I also had an assignment due that wasn’t finished yet and the baby would not go to sleep.  I submitted it one minute and 50 seconds late.  Do you think he’ll dock me points for being late?  I hope not, but I’m counting on it.  I cannot wait for this class to be over…one more week!  I don’t like it and have a hard time seeing how the past year’s movies and contemporary TV is going to help me any, especially when I don’t watch either one!  Enough ranting!

I am also trying to get a business going.  Oh, it’s so slow in this economy and I am just not a sales person, but working to overcome that.  Joe was ill yesterday and still is today.  He went into a clinic to make sure he doesn’t have some kind of infection.  That old smoking habit comes back to haunt him with all the damage it has done.  I am just ever so grateful that he doesn’t smoke any more.    Oh yes, I said enough ranting!

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day here in Bodenburg.  I’m not sure what the temps are right now, but the weather says a high of 42.  Burrr!   The children are all healthy, and MaryEllen will turn 6 soon.  We are having a few families over on Thursday to get haircuts, but we’ll sing and have cake for her first.  She is such a joy; God has truly blessed us with her presence (among many other things!)   On Sunday I was trying to find a nice blouse to wear with my suit.  I was wearing different underclothing that normal, and the one blouse was too long anyway.  When I went to get a different shirt, MaryEllen informs me that it “is a lovely blouse.  But I can see your breast things.  Can’t you James?”  She just jibber jabbers away.  You just cannot help but to laugh at her honesty and innocence. 

I hope you have a blessed feast of St. Blaise and a wonderful week!  I must now get back to work since baby has gone off to sleep.