Playoffs Today…

John still loves NFL Football.  Since the playoff are today, I asked for predictions.  I’ll put the short ones first and leave John’s commentary for the end.  Please leave a comment, as John loves to hear your opinions and predictions.


Philadelphia Eagles – 26
Arizona Cardinals – 30

Baltimore Ravens – 17
Pittsburgh Steelers – 28


Philadelphia Eagles – 24
Arizona Cardinals – 21

Baltimore Ravens – 33
Pittsburgh Steelers – 14


Doesn’t really care, except I hope Pittsburgh wins!

John’s Commentary…


————————Players to Watch—————————

On the Eagles, QB Donovan McNabb has been dynamite during the playoffs, and threw 300 yards while playing the Giants last week.   McNabb’s strategy is to throw screen passes to two players, Brian Westbrook, the Eagles’ leading receiver, and Corral Buckholder.  McNabb’s best target when going deep is DeSean Jackson  – the team’s big punt returner – who ran 108 yards vs. Minnesota two weeks ago.  He leads the Eagles’ receiving yards.

On the Cardinals side, watch WR Larry Fitzgerald.  Larry led the NFC in catches and the team in yards.  QB Kurt Warner had his favorite target set (Fitzgerald), and last week finished the game with 8 catches for 166 yards.  Another player to watch will be CB Domanque Rodgers Cromartie.  The rookie CB never played football in high school or college.  He walked onto a team in the Senior Bowl and intercepted 3 passes…that got the Cardinal’s attention.  Domanque led the team with 4 interceptions and has 2 interceptions in the playoffs.

—————————–My Prediction————————

I think Philadelphia has the upper hand with defense, offense, and returns.  Arizona is good with return coverage and will probably do a good job stopping DeSean Jackson and Quintin Demps.  I think Philly’s got it, 23-21.

—————————-My Hopes——————————

I really hope Arizona loses confidence early and loses 52-0.  I know it won’t happen, but I have to say I’m an Eagles fan.


—————————————Players to Watch————————————

On Pittsburgh there is RB Wallie Parker.  Willie ran 147 yards last week and ran two touchdowns.  Willie was injured early in the season and missed most of it.  Also, there’s LB James Harrison, who led the AFC in sacks (15).  Harrison has been a hard hitter this season with his bone-braking hits.  One more player to watch is Troy Polamalu.  (Go on to look at Troy’s interceptions and don’t miss his plays on video!)  Troy tied for 2nd in the NFL for interceptions (7) and made some of the biggest plays of the year. 

On the Baltimore side, Ed Reed is the big threat on the Raven’s defense.  Ed lead the NFL in interceptions (9) and has intercepted 3 during this post season.  Ed holds the NFL record for the longest interception.  He ran a 108 yard interception for a touch down, where he broke his own record of 107 yards set back in 2004.

————————-My Hopes and Predictions——————————

My hope is a Pittsburgh win 33-30 OT.  But knowing the Ravens defense, my hopes are demolished.  I think Baltimore’s got it 24-17 due to Ben Roethlisberger’sbad throws this season against strong defenses.

——————-My Super Bowl Prediction—————————-

(For now, anyway!)  Baltimore and Philadelphia match up and Philadelphia barely pulls it out of a last minute field goal, 24-23.


There you have it…straight from our own personal sports announcer, John.


4 Responses to “Playoffs Today…”

  1. Sue Says:

    Dear John,

    Great commentary! Keep it up and you’ll be working for a major newspaper or TV station one day!

    I’m impressed with your knowledge of the game and players. I root for whichever team playing is from a city I’ve visited. If I’ve visited both, I root for the one from the city I liked best.

    Today I’m rooting for Philadelphia.

    In the second game, I’ve been to both cities and liked them both, but Baltimore has the edge!

    Enjoy the games!

    Aunt Sue

  2. Mary Lou Says:

    Wow! I just got in and read your blog – we almost pulled it off! I had never watched, so I didn’t know about Larry Fitzgerald… I don’t like him much!!! Enjoyed your picks, John. I’ll just say, “Let’s go Pittsburgh!”

  3. Laura Says:

    John, this is really very good, and very helpful. I have to admit that I don’t have a whole lot of interest in football (I never watch it), BUT, it IS good for me to know the basics of what’s going on, so that I don’t hopelessly embarrass myself when I’m out to dinner with friends, and the conversation turns to football. Thanks to your yearly Superbowl updates and predictions, I have at least some idea of what is happening in the football world. You write so well, and so concisely – whatever you do, don’t stop!! Keep posting your stuff, because it’s really very excellent.

    Hope to see you sometime in the not too distant future!

    with love,

  4. Maddie Says:

    OK This is try #4 Pray for patience Great job on reporting You kept my intrest in football You are very knowledgeable I love Superbowl Sunday because football is done for another year YEAH!!!!! I hope the Steelers win because Marshall is their #1 fan and I have to live with him I will say the last game was a good one to watch Keep up the good work in reporting If you captured my intrest in football you have a talent to share Hello to everyone in Tennesse
    Love Aunt Maddie

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