A Little Rant (since my husband is asleep)

My current course in my university studies is “Visual Literacy in Business.”  I can NOT stand it!!!!  I am the least creative, visual person I know.  If I can get through this class the rest should be cake.  I even have my handy-dandy St. Jude bookmark in the text book for good measure. 

The first writing assignment is all about a logo.  Can you guess what logo?  An Apple!!  Of all the logos, as if my life is not already filled enough with Apple computers, I have to write about it. 

Now, one really neat thing that happened is somehow I got it in my head that this written assignment needed to be 8 pages long.  As I was panicking about having only one and a quarter pages complete and nearly being finished with answering the questions and being out of things to say, something told me to go back and check.  All I could find was a reference to a “short paper.”  So I thought, “I better go figure out where I came up with 8 pages.”  Well, the final paper has to be 8 pages.  This assignment really does need to be short.  I am elated over this!!!  I was so happy I went to tell my husband about it.  But, he is sleeping, so, here I am blogging. 

Another really neat thing is reading up, just a little, on how the Apple icon came to be.  There are some pretty cool websites, mostly blogs that give a little history.  Did you know that according to Neatorama.com, a man named Ronald Wayne, who co-founded Apple, “relinquished his stock (10% of the company) for a one-time payment of $800 because he thought Apple was too risky!”?  He is probably still kicking himself! 

Well, enough posting.  I have to finish writing that short paper that I am almost done with!  Yeah!!!


2 Responses to “A Little Rant (since my husband is asleep)”

  1. Laura Says:

    Well… I think that your blog testifies to your creativity and attention to visual detail very much! One of my new year’s resolutions is to start an architectural blog this year. I am looking to you for continued inspiration…!


  2. Misty Says:

    Your story reminds me of a communications class I took. We were in class talking about how pictures and placement and blah blah can really get to the target audience’s heart, or be a persuasive business/sales tool.

    Being the pain that I am….I told the professor that it was going to take more than just a strategically placed and chosen picture to get to my heart or to get my business…..it was going to take AT LEAST dinner and a cheap bottle of hooch. It was soo disruptive……I miss that class……the one and only one I miss because the professor had such a great sense of humor 🙂

    It will be over soon and you’ll move on to something more interesting…..at some point. lol

    Best of luck to you.

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