Rosaries Made with Care

In 2008 at our parish’s Labor Day festival, I was thrilled to see a Catholic vendor there for a change.  There was a canopy over a table filled with beautiful rosaries.  One crucifix that was there I had never seen before.  Not only was the cross with Jesus, but Mary and John at the foot.  Then there was another rosary that had a picture of the Holy Family on it.  Pretty pink or blue beads would be just the right touch.  It was a hard choice, but pink won.  She did not have exactly what I wanted in stock, but she assured me that she could make one very quickly and mail it out within a few days.  It arrived that week and I was just delighted.  By the way, her name is Paula Geist and her company is Rosaries Made With Care.  You can e-mail her at rosariesmadewithcare at comcast dot net for more information.

When Steven died, I thought the perfect gift for his parents would be a birthstone rosary.  I asked Paula if she could do the job and she said she could.  I asked for a traditional cross, a miraculous medal, his Mom’s birthstones for the first 3 Hail Mary beads, his Dad’s birthstones for the Our Father beads and his birthstones for the rest.  The rosary came quickly, and once again, I was not disappointed.  I only wish I had taken a picture of it before I gave it to Steven’s parents who were blown away by the gift. 

Each rosary from Paula comes in it’s own rosary case and she encloses a pamphlet on how to say the rosary.  She also encloses a holy card (or a few holy cards.)  I have been so pleased with the quality of the rosaries, the quick service, and the price.  So, if you need a rosary made, you might consider Paula.  (I don’t get any commission or anything for this post.  I am just a truly satisfied customer.)  Oh, here is a picture of my Holy Family rosary:holy-family-rosary


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