What’s Up Now?

When was the last time I blogged?  Well, I don’t remember either!  Life has been busy and on top of that we (Joe and I) decided that I would go back to school.  I’m a little more than half way to a bachelor’s degree, so online college seems to be the way to go now.  That being said, I officially started school on November 18 at Ashford University. 

Speaking of November 18, Joe and I were married 13 years ago on that day.  For our Anniversary, the kids had a party with our friends who came to babysit (and brought their children as well), and Joe and I went to Florence to our favorite Italian restaurant, Riccatoni’s.  If you’re ever in Florence, you might want to go there as we have never had a bad meal there or a bad waiter.  We then went over to the Gabbetts whom we hadn’t seen for quite a while, maybe even since September in Ohio.  Is that possible?

I want to thank all of you ladies who attended my shower in Pulaski.  We ended up getting a nice exersaucer for Veronica.  The last one we had went through all of our children and two of my friend Sue’s as well.  It was holding up good considering, but we thought it might be nice to have a new one.  (By the way, if you are in Lawrenceburg and are in need of an exercaucer, there is an almost new one for $18 at the Children’s Closet.  If I had known that before hand, we would own that one!  LOL!)  Veronica is not quite big enough for it as we found out one day, but she seems to be looking forward to spending more time in it.   veronica-in-exersaucer (Please remember that you can click on any picture to make it larger.)

One of the lovely things about a medium sized homeschool family is that the children get along pretty well most of the time.  Here is a picture of a somewhat common site here in our house, our eldest and youngest…

john-veronica-sleeping-11-08  Around here when someone sees a flash go off, they immediatey feel the need to get into the picture, as can be seen here…john-veronica-2-sleeping-11-08

This is November, the month of the Holy Souls.  We have been praying.  The first was also All Saints Day, but several of the children were sick, so we missed the parties.  Friends of ours were also sick, so later in the month we had a late All Saints Party.  Here are the children dressed up.  Can you guess who they are? all-saints-2008-1

St. Zita, St. Steven, St. Mary, St. Aloysius, & St. Lawrence

Here are the girls…all-saints-2008-char-me

Speaking of the girls, they wanted to wear their green dresses to Mass one day.  Even though it was not Christmas, I let them wear what looks like Christmas dresses.   They like to dress alike, or somewhat alike, whenever possible.me-char-11-08

Finally, here is our little Veronica, napping in her little boppy.



5 Responses to “What’s Up Now?”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love the green dresses! Green is my favorite color, so I have had a lot of green dresses over the years… The girls are lovely in them!

  2. Misty Says:

    Happy late 13th Anniversary to you guys 🙂 I surely hope you enjoyed your night out!!

  3. Ruth Says:

    Happy anniversary, Kristen!!!!!

  4. dorothy Says:

    Time seems to be flying by. John is almost 12? Sara has been a moody teen for months, yet she will not be 13 until December.

  5. Sue Says:

    Thanks for posting Kris! I love Kevin’s “special effects” and the other kids’ costumes as well. Happy Birthday, John Douglas! I’ve been thinking about you and hope you had a great day! Happy Advent to all.
    Aunt Sue

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