Our Recent Travels

In between trips this year, we managed to stay home just a little while.  Kevin and James made their own chess set. 

My Mom came to visit and we all had a lovely time.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take a single picture.  Shame on me!  While she was here, the Bishop of Nashville came to our local parish to install the new pastor.  Bishop Choby actually remembered John’s name!  (I can’t even do that on most days.)  John got to serve Mass with the bishop and declared that he’s have to serve with the Pope next!

On our way to New Jersey we stopped in Virginia.  Who can resist that?  One day we went to the Frontier Culture Museum in Stanton. 

The next day I surprised the boys.  We told the children that if they behaved themselves on the ride (which they really did) we had a surprise on Saturday.  I never thought I could pull it off though.  We were on our way there and the children kept asking questions.  Finally I said, “You really have to be on your best behavior and stay with me.  It might be crowded.”  We drove through Middletown, VA, and the town had flags of the federal and confederate variety hung all through out.  Since we were in the Shenandoah Valley we had the 2ndSouth Carolina String band Civil war music playing.  As we left town John whispered, “Cedar Creek, Mom?”  Then the tents came into view and we saw all the activity at the Cedar Creek battlefield!!!  The boys cheered for joy.  One even said, “I thought it was someplace boring.  When you said it might be crowded, I thought you were taking us to a store.”  I was so excited they were surprised, I even called Joe to tell him.

We arrived just in time to see the Calvary demonstration.  We got to see the 2ndSouth Carolina string band.  We spent a few hours walking through sutler tents and Confederate camps.  Oh what fun!  We met up with Sheridan, whom we met 3 years ago just before moving away, and we even met someone portraying General Taylor, Zacahary Taylor’s son.  He was a wonderful storyteller and we found out, a distant relative as the children are related to Zachary Taylor and so was this man.  I must admit, it was very hard to leave all that. 



But, all good things must come to an end, and we had to get to New Jersey at a reasonable hour.  So, off we went, driving 5 hours.  We wanted to goto the Extraordinary form of the Mass in Middletown, which we did.  We saw some friends that we had not seen for 3 years.  The priest was wonderful and it was a beautiful Mass.

We had a little shopping to do after Mass and then we went to the Tooth Household.  The next day, Monday, we saw Uncle Steve.  It was suppose to be the nicest weather day of the week.  We went out into the bay on his boat. 



  The only time it was really cold was on the way back to the house.  But, we bundled up and the children didn’t seem to mind.  As for me, I was loving every minute of it.  Being back on a boat makes me miss living on the coast just a little bit.


We spent one day in Philadelphia.  We went to the St. John Neumann Center.  I have been here many times. This time I love the changes that were made.  The tabernacle is back in the center of the alter, they turned part of the little museum into an adoration chapel, and St. John got a new mask.  I could have spent hours there.  

We went to the Franklin Institute Science Museum after that and had lots of fun, including a little accident in the parking garage involving my van’s running board and a yellow pile-on and leaving my purse in the bathroom!  We went out to eat after that.  We were with Aunt Mary Lou all day and Aunt Ann came to meet us at the restaurant.

We also got to visit some other friends one day.  I was born 6 weeks before Vicki.  Once she came along we lived next door to eachother for many years.  Here is a picture of us and our 9 children.

The only picture that was taken with Steven was one taken by his sister.  He was holding Veronica.  Hopefully she’ll e-mail that to me soon.  We also spent time in Aunt Sue’s classroom looking at all her books, playing with the toys, and the children surprised me with a book they made for me all about themselves.


2 Responses to “Our Recent Travels”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love your travelogue post! (When are the boys going to start posting?) I have never been to the Frontier Culture Museum, but need to go. My Early American Architecture professor at UVA is a fanatic of the museum, as it has excellent examples of different types of early American vernacular (farmhouse) architecture. I am jealous of you guys for going there…!


  2. Laura Says:

    P.S. – We need to get the boys and my brother to meet. Thomas is back into chess now, too, reading chess books in his spare time. He turns 25 today…!

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