What You Have Been Waiting For….

The big squash!!!

I’m only sorry we didn’t photograph the pretty green side.  This is a Long of Naples winter squash, weighing in at 20 pounds.    This was taken before our retreat/vacation and I was looking forward to cooking it up later.   But, things happened and the squash (all 4 of them, this was the biggest) didn’t get put in a barn stall.  When we came home, something had feasted on them.  So, we’ll have to try again next year.    Here is a picture of the last of the harvest from our garden this summer (besides the daikon radish that I pick as needed.)    There is plenty of kale, cucumbers, acorn squash and lots of beets!    If Joe can get a place plowed in the next few days, I’ll be planting more kale, radishes (including watermelon radishes), beets, and sugar snap peas.  The weather has turned colder, but it still gets up into the 80s on sunny days.  By the way, we are getting rain here.  We desperately need it! 

All that produce was picked two days before we left on our vacation.  We were very busy packing up the trailer, doing laundry, and trying to get the place ready to be left for 2 weeks.  We went to Ohio for our annual retreat.  Here are just a few shots from Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine in North Jackson, Ohio…

The alter boys and priests before Mass one day

The alter boys and priests before Mass one day Our good friends Dan & Tina holding VeronicaOur good friends Dan & Tina holding Veronica

Joe with Br. Paschal

Joe with Br. Paschal Allaire holding Veronica Allaire holding Veronica

Fr. Tom Fogarty

Fr. Tom Fogarty


James & MaryEllen on the top of the tower
James & MaryEllen on the top of the tower

 After spending 3 wonderful days at the shrine with so many friends, old and new, we went to the Society of St. Paul Monastery.  The children look forward to the golf cart every year.  They also really like talking to the priests and brothers there.  This year the gold cart was broken, but Joe went on Saturday and helped Brs. Paschal and James to fix it.  It lasted for a little while…


Well, the rest of the vacation is in our memories because we didn’t take any more pictures.  We went onto Virginia, stayed with our friends and saw many more.  We also went and visited Uncle Jeff.  We had a wonderful time.

Here is one more picture from vacation.  Veronica in her “Boppy”…

As a side note, one day last week we had a homemade red velvet cake.  After dinner it was left on the counter for a little while.  From the other room I heard the sound of a glass on the counter.  I went in the kitchen to see this…

Charlotte is caught!
Charlotte is caught!

She was not crying when I walked in.  When went out to get the camera she started to cry.

Now, the part of the post you have really been waiting for….

The Midwife was here today and Veronica is well over 9 pounds.  (I cannot remember how many ounces.  MaryEllen thinks it is 7 ounces.)  She has also grown 3 inches.  Here are some pictures we took today…since so many people have been pestering me for new ones.  Veronica is 8 weeks old today.

Last, but not least, the beginning of Veronica’s sleep pictures…

6 Responses to “What You Have Been Waiting For….”

  1. dorothy Says:

    I like vacations without travelling.

  2. Ruth Says:

    I cannot beleive how big Veronica is! She is so beautiful!!!!

  3. Natalie Says:

    Ooooh, Kristen, that last picture of Veronica just made me tear up, it’s so precious. Now you have me antsy for my little one. LOL You look wonderful for having a baby two months ago, and I love the squash! 🙂


  4. victoria Says:

    the pics were great and thats a huge freakin squash.. oh my! great to see everybody is doing well.

  5. SuO Says:

    thanks for posting some recent photos – Veronica is just beautiful – well, they all are!!!! hey -glad to see John likes his new shirt! lol – – lol about Charlotte getting caught!!! too funny!!!
    so glad everyone is doing well! so happy that vacation went so well, and you all had a great time.
    this winter I have to learn more about gardening and get ready for the spring – we did not have a very successful year – and I should have a fall crop as well (which I don’t, lol… well, maybe next year!) – this year the bunnies, groundhog, and deer ALL didn’t care about our fence – over, under, through it!!! it didn’t stop them at all!!! too funny – catching the ground hog literally CLIMBING the fence!
    on a happy note, I got my application in for a job in Annapolis. tons of people probably applied, but I am very qualified. we’ll see if it was meant to be – if so, wonderful! I can visualize myself in that position for the longterm! if not, there’s something better out there!!
    of course keep me in the loop if you make plans for NJ – I told Tom – he said he’d watch all the kiddos and let us goto meetings together, lol!!! He was totally fine with you all staying at our place. the kiddos will love the woods, and of course the hot tub and trampoline (with side netting). keep meaning to get a basketball net set up too…
    Tom and I walked 5 miles round trip to Calvert Cliffs State Park beach the other day (we had off for Columbus day, but kiddos still had school!) – nice wonderful walk through the woods – I kept thinking how much you’d like it! and the kids would too… so, keep us in mind and you can hang out at our house for a few days before AND after spending time in NJ!
    love su

  6. snowbabies Says:

    wow, you have a green thumb!!! ( teach me your secrets!!) Your children are all growing!! And Veronica is so sweet!!!

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