Veronica is Baptized!

   Praise God!!!  

The Baptism gown was my Grandfather’s, Louis Sieben.  He was born in 1886.

7 Responses to “Veronica is Baptized!”

  1. Emily Says:

    Wonderful!! Beautiful family!

  2. Tammy R. Says:

    That is great! Your family is so beautiful. And, I still can not get over Veronica’s head full of dark hair!

  3. victoria aguilar Says:

    that is one beautiful family! I saw joe and john in walmart today..
    and still so polite john says, hello mrs. aguilar… yea it would be nice for mine to have some manners like anyways.. ok its official from all the pics ive seen.. Veronica has gone from looking like john to james, and oh yes shes definitely a Mary Ellen..

    Now for Mama,, you look fantastic! ok you need more emphasis FANTASTIC! , you cant even tell you were prego! how wonderful is that…

    Well im having vehicle issues and my brakes are grinding so bad now that they continue to grind even when i drive, and the emergency brake is off, and im below a 1/4 of a tank.. so I am going to miss the baby shower but i will be thinking of you tomorrow.. My gift is small but its not finished yet..

    So God Bless you and your precious new daughter and your wonderful family!

    hugs and love

  4. Ruth Says:

    Congratulations! Veronica is so beautiful. I have some little outfits to send her, but I lost your address 🙂 Can you email it to me? I hope they will fit them. She must be getting big.

  5. SuO Says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I have the birth announcement up on my fridge, along with another photo of the kiddos (last fall, your xmas postcard maybe?) – and I thought, oh! time flies and I need to call Kristen!!! I decided to take a moment to check your blog too – glad I did!
    glad to see you are all doing wonderful! God bless little Veronica!! I absolutely love your family photo from the baptism.
    I also enjoyed catching up on your other recent posts!
    BTW, you look AWESOME, and you do look 29!!!! keep it up!!!
    my garden wasn’t that good this year, but I didn’t put any time into either. plus the deer, groundhogs, and rabbits all helped themselves to the greens/plants and that surely didn’t help! we even caught the ground hog CLIMBING the fence that’s around our garden… deer walked through the gate, bunnies under the fence… like the fence didn’t even exist, lol…
    we’ll see what to do about this for next season…and try again…

    everyone is well here. busy with school, fall sports, and now Brownies starts up next week.

    Walter was recently in the hospital for an infection, but is back home. He no longer drives though, after he crashed into a couple cars that “he never saw” (thankfully just in a parking lot, so no one was hurt – but it made him realize he wasn’t driving good anymore…something we all knew but he wouldn’t listen to).

    Tom and kiddos heading up to NJ this weekend, family reunion with Walter’s side of the family. note I said “tom and kiddos”, I’m staying behind, and having 36 hours to myself, lol. plan to get things done that “never get done” and just enjoy the quiet. you may get a package after next weekend as well!!!

    Sandra’s wood-fired/brick-oven pizzeria in Trinidad is doing good, so we are all so happy for her! It’s about 3hrs south of Denver. looks like it will be next summer before we go out – Sharon can join us at the same time, since she’s a teacher… Sharon is doing well too – her due date is mid-December, and my mom is spending mid-Dec until the end of Jan out there! my dad joining them the last week of my mom’s stay. if I hit the lotto (which I never buy a ticket for…), or if I get a bonus a lot more than expected (no idea even what to expect!! lol…), I am entertaining the idea of flying out with the kiddos (let Tom stay home and enjoy some quiet) after xmas, since kiddos have 2 weeks off of school. Would be wonderful to hang out with the newborn and my nephew that will be almost 3, and play in snow with all the kiddos (more likely she’ll have snow than us, lol)! so, we’ll see.
    okay, back to work (which is going “okay”, praying to see what God’s got in mind for me for the long-term though, as it surely isn’t this job!) -boss just delayed my review, for something “major” that just happened… well, whatever, I joked that should give me a couple bonus points, lol…

  6. Laura Says:

    Beautiful! But now we are needing the one-month-old baby pictures…!

  7. dorothy Says:

    They grow too fast! Did the remenants of Ike affect you? My sister and her family near Dayton, Ohio are okay, but the schools are closed. The university where she works now has power, so she has to go to work while hubby deals with the 17 yr old and 8 yr old..

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