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Veronica is Baptized!

September 2, 2008

   Praise God!!!  

The Baptism gown was my Grandfather’s, Louis Sieben.  He was born in 1886.

Around the House

September 2, 2008

I actually meant to post some of this before Veronica was born, but, you know how that goes.  We started school shortly before she arrived.  MaryEllen and I have been having fun with Serendipityand their Along the Alphabet Paths.  Here are some pictures from A week.

A is for Apple Pie.  (Yes, it is macrobiotic and it was yummy!!!)  Oh, and the apples came off our tree this year!

A is for Angelina Ballerina, St. Anne, and Mrs. Applebee.  These are MaryEllen’s pictures.  (You can click on any of the pictures in this post to enlarge them.)


Then Veronica came and the pictures of school stopped.

Aunt Ann sent some lovely baby clothes and a box for the children filled with art supplies.

At our local church we had a seminarian visiting for a month.  We all really liked him and we made it to Mass on his last day in our town, the Tuesday after Veronica was born.  In case you are wondering, James did not want to get in the picture.

Now, onto the garden.  If you saw the looks of the garden, you would not guess that anything was growing in there.  But the cucumbers have been really good and the winter squash is coming along nicely.  I cannot wait to show off our “Long of Naples” squash.  They are not quite ready yet, but they are doing the best and I am surprised by their size.

In the meantime, 2 watermelons.  First, the one that John was so excited about…Ali Baba.  The seed was saved from Iraq, before the war.

The next variety is Georgia Rattlesnake (named for the pattern on the outside.)


Next we have the harvest from August 28th (cucumbers, acorn squash, 2 delicata squash, kale, green beans, and yellow lemon summer squash.)

Last, but certainly not least, my long daikon radish, the basket of squash and the Georgia rattlesnake (watermelon and radish just picked today!)

That picture was taken today while Veronica napped.  What, no pictures of that adorable baby?  No, not yet.  Yesterday she was Baptized, it was Kevin’s birthday, and the Labor Day Festival at church.  Joe’s camera has all the Baptism pictures and as soon as he can stop mowing the lawn and being otherwise busy, he’ll put them on my computer so they can appear here.  Until then, enjoy the produce!