The Date

This was a very big event in our house today!  You see, almost every day a child gets to go into town with Dad.  Sometimes I tease, whining a little saying, “but I want to go into town with Daddy.”  This past week we arranged for friends of ours to come and watch the children.  So, this morning after Mass, one of the older ladies came up and said that she had just been informed that we were going on a date.  Apparently the children were pretty excited about this date too. 

Around noon our friends arrived and we were off to beautiful downtown Florence.  (This one is in Alabama, but we like to pretend it’s Italy.)  We have an Italian restuarnt that we like there and save it for our infrequent dates.  The children have never been there.  On the way there I started not feeling so well.  Pretty soon I informed Joe that he needed to pull over because he didn’t have any bags in the car.  It must have been quite a sight, an 8  month pregnant woman squatting at the side of the car on the side of the road throwing up.  I almost couldn’t believe it myself.  That’s never happened to me before.  I’m pretty sure it was the vitamins, and I felt much better after that.  Oh yes, the rest of the date went much better.  I was able to eat a wonderful lunch and keep it down too!


3 Responses to “The Date”

  1. Dorothy A Stankavage Says:

    I’m glad you felt well enough to eat.

  2. Laurie Says:

    A date? How fun!!!!

    Sorry you were ill on the way…but glad you had some special time alone with your man!! 🙂


  3. darcee Says:

    I have done that before. Hang in there you are almost “done”.

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