The Midwife and the New Apprentice Came Today…

They were suppose to come yesterday, but someone else had a baby instead.  The heartbeat was 136 and the head is quite low.  She figures that baby is about 6 pounds.  I am 34 weeks, so she asked me to please wait for another 3 weeks.  (Like I have any control over that! Ha!)  All looks good.

Why a new apprentice?  Because the old one that I liked so much sold her house and is moving to Arizona!  The nerve!  The house doesn’t sell for 2 years, we become friends and it sells right away.  Just like when we lived in Virginia. 

On the homefront, Joe shaved all his facial hair.  He has not done this in nearly 10 years.  He sounds like my husband, walks like my husband, and moves like my husband, he just doesn’t look like my husband!  The girls stared at him all day yesterday (he shaved yesterday morning.)  Charlotte told him that she didn’t like his moustache and MaryEllen announced this morning that she was starting to get used to his looks again.   Between the children and the husband, there is never a dull moment.


4 Responses to “The Midwife and the New Apprentice Came Today…”

  1. SuO Says:

    Hey There – well, finally, I’m catching up a bit on your posts!!!
    just had to leave a quick comment!
    just Love the photos – you look WONDERFUL and so do the kiddos!!!
    cannot believe how big/older looking John and Kevin are especially!!!

    exciting that the baby is almost here already!!!
    okay, well, I’ll be calling you this weekend as well. special request to put a scrapbook page together for Jared (Dena’s son) . I’ll explain when we talk.
    SusanMik emailed me and asked me to check with you about this. I have NOT been active on the boards at all, but want to get back into it. and back to following THM better…
    okay, back to work!
    miss and love you lots!!!! one of these days we’ll figure out how to meet up!
    I know you won’t be traveling anytime soon with a new baby, but if you’re coming northeast to VA or NJ, you had better let me know! otherwise, I’ll see if I can swing a camping/driving vacation out to see you for spring break – yeah, like I meant to 2 yrs ago… how does time go by so fast??!
    Sandra’s wood-fired brick oven pizzeria is about to open in Trinidad Colorado and Sharon is pregnant and due around Christmas time. I’m toying with the ideas of family vacations to MT at christmas for snow and new baby, lol – and next summer to CO (b/c Sharon would drive down and meet us) to see Sandra and (hopefully by then) her well-established and successful pizzeria! say a few prayers for restaurant success for Sandra and her longterm boyfriend Jeff!
    once it’s up and operating, I’m going to get on her case to list a few items as vegan and raw – and bug her to get a commercial juicer. then she can get her restaurant posted on all sorts of vegan and raw websites, for folks traveling through her area. plus, how can she be my sister and not offer some very healthy items on her menu?! lol!

    we’re hitting the beach a few times this summer. (Ocean City, MD) – also quick trip to NYC, see great grandma and the yankees as it’s their last year at this old stadium (new stadium will be ready for next season). also headed to Boston for a few days in August – the boys will goto a red sox game and we will stop a few places from my youth while we’re up there.
    Saw Walter and Gerry for July 4 (they came to the beach with us). Please keep him in your prayers. He’s so thin, sleeps most of the time, and is starting to have pains a lot. He uses no pain killers at all and we are very thankful he felt good enough to come to the beach with us for a couple days. okay, talk with you this weekend! miss you lots – love su
    (so much for a quick comment! lol!)

  2. Laurajean Says:

    Hey, Kristen, now we need to see a picture of Joe — I’ve NEVER seen him without a beard!

    God bless,

  3. Dorothy A Stankavage Says:

    Am I totally confused or did Joe not have a beard/mustache when we first met?

    We just finished our vacation. We spent an entire week de junking the house. 2 vans full to the dump of broken stuff that Rich will never fix. Now we have room enough in the workshop/shed for the stuff he can and will repair. We still have a few rooms to finish cleaning, but we can see the floors in the 3 kids rooms. Now, to patch the plaster in the room over the living room, so we can repaint it. We haven’t painted any rooms in the non refurbished area since we bought the house 15 years ago. Anne and Mary are moving in there. Sara and Laura will stay in the room over the Dining room and the older 4 boys have the room over the former playroom, now our room.

  4. Laurie Says:

    Aww….she’s moving??! I knew they were trying to sell their home.
    Sorry she’s moving away!!!

    How’s Stacie??


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