Random Thoughts…

Some of this post has been in my mind for several weeks now.  I was going to post and then the time flies…you know the routine.

First of all, many, many prayer requests.  My friend Kristina in Minnesota lost her husband Paul to a heart attack.  Paul turned 40 last month and leaves behind not only his loving wife, but 5 children.  Please pray for them.  My friend Laurie’s uncle Wayne fell off of a ladder last week, was in a coma and passed away.  Please pray for his wife and son and for Laurie and her family as they travel to New York for the services.  My friend Lynn miscarried a baby and then lost her mother to cancer.  And last, for now, my friend Mark’s grandmother who is 94 had some lung trouble.  She is doing much better, but I’m sure she could still use some prayer.  Thank you.

In the garden…everything, as I have stated, was planted late.  The pumpkin plants are coming along and I don’t see any signs of squash bugs over there yet.  That is good.  The cukes are coming along nicely now and we have been enjoying them just about every night.  Our bean tee-pees are nearly there.  The beautiful butterflies came and layed their eggs all over my kale and now that is almost totally destroyed from all the caterpillars that are hatching.  I probably got the last bit out of it this morning.  Well, it was wonderful while it lasted.  We’ll replant some in a different place and try to get some netting around it.  On the bright side, the collard greens are coming along nicely.  Hopefully that will hold until the next batch of kale comes along.  We have beautiful daikon radishes now as well.  The little pink and red radishes are all gone now and need to be replanted as well.  Oh, the marigolds are big and beautiful!  We have gotten a few zucchini and the other squash are coming along nicely as well.

On the sewing front, I had this picture a few weeks ago to post.  This is John’s quilt top partially done.  Well, one of the reasons why I didn’t post it was because I finished it (the top) and also put Kevin’s quilt top together, except for the boarders.   I don’t have a picture of that.  But, as I was at my sewing machine, pinning and sewing, trying to get points on the triangles done, I started wondering why I do this.  After all, it seems it would be so much simpler to put a few layers of material together and be done with it.  Well, the quilting is prettier, looks neat, is fun (most of the time), and is rewarding as well as relaxing.  It is also nice knowing that these will go on the beds of my children whom I love and they like the nice quilts as well.  The blankets that they have now are getting old and are really in need of the garbage can camping or playing.  They are falling apart.  So, one of my goals before this baby comes is to get the boys quilts done.   Our “local” quilt shop was having a nice sale for their 4 year anniversary.  They had a 60% off table and then most of the other fabrics were 40% off.  John helped me pick out fabrics for a quilt for James.  It will be another log cabin from “Quilt in a Day.”  Now, if I can just get started, we’ll be good.

Joe turned 58!  When I married him, 45 didn’t seem that old at all!  Now 58 isn’t so old either, but it’s not 45.  The children made him wonderful pictures for him and we had red velvet cake (what else?)  It was a nice day. 

Here are a few pictures.  One is Charlotte sleeping.  We must have more pictures of Charlotte sleeping than her doing anything else.  But, she is just so cute.  Then MaryEllen saw the camera out, so she had to get into the picture.      

  I was going to post this on Sunday, June 22.  The children were having fun and I thought it would be nice for everyone to see them again. 

Maybe someday I’ll keep up this blog better, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Also, about art work, I have still not taken the time to download the software needed to get my scanner onto this Vista computer.  Please keep in mind that we are still on dial up (through no choice of our own!) so it will take almost all day to do it.  I miss putting it up as I am sure you miss seeing it.


3 Responses to “Random Thoughts…”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Thanks for the prayers Kris there much appreciated

  2. Laura Says:

    Happy Birthday, James and Uncle Joe!!!

  3. Laurie Says:

    Thank you for praying, Kristen!!!

    We’re home now….and so glad!! 🙂


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