In the Garden, end of May, beginning of June 2008

  What is so special about this plate of kale?  It was the first that was picked out of the garden in May of this year.  It is growing well enough now that I can usually fill up the plate with a good 2 helpings every morning, if not more. 

The second thing we got out of the garden were radishes.  Lots and lots of radishes!  MaryEllen was so excited about them, that we took her picture.  They are almost done now, but we have certainly enjoyed them.       The daikon radishes are still growing.  The variety I got said they tolerated heat well.  We shall see as most of May and June has been in the upper 80s to the 100s.  That being said, yesterday and the day before there were scattered storms and we did get a good deal of rain.  I am very late with the pumpkins and winter squash this year, but finally got started on Friday.  About a third of the way through big rain drops started.  That ended my gardening that day. 

Kevin has been a huge help in the garden in regards to weeding.  He is very good at that.  John came up with a plan on where to plant things this year, so I let him run with it.  He has done a lot of the planting, along with his siblings.  One evening when he was directing planting (and I was weeding) Kevin said, “Mom.  I think it’s kind of funny that you are taking directions from John.”  Well it is and John was bossy for the rest of the week as well!  But, he still did an excellent job.  Now we wait to see if the watermelon, zucchini, cucumbers, soybeans, and more Royal Burgandy Bush beans come up. 

Speaking of those Royal Burgandy Bush Beans, we have gotten several of those.  Joe was afraid to eat them because they are purple.  I assured him that they do in fact taste like green beans.  He looked like Mikey taking a little tiny bite because he was sure he wouldn’t like them.  Well, he liked them!  They are green on the inside and they will turn green when cooked as well.  Yesterday my brother came over.  He looked even more like Mikey, except I didn’t think he was going to eat a bean at all.  But, he did and he found that he liked them too.  Those men are sometimes worse than kids when something looks different to them.


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