May Snap Shots

We had another May crowning, this one with our Catholic Homeschool group in the Huntsville area. 

   James spent some time making invitations for his First Communion with a little help from Illuminated Ink and Mom. 

Kevin, the reptile hunter was at it again.  James knocked on the window and asked me to come to the door.  Kevin was standing there with the snake and said, “Um, can you get a picture, Mom?” 

Heard in the car as we were looking for a certain road… 
James: “That ain’t it.”
Mom: Not saying anything but thinking about James’s poor English and how my Mother would have corrected any of us for that word.
James: (Before I had a chance to say anything) “I mean, that isn’t it. … Sometimes I like to speak with a Southern accent. But, I think ain’t is the only word I know in Southern.”

Mom has been in a creative mood lately thanks to a lovely blog mentioning a really neat magazine that I had to check out. (I cannot wait to play with felting, especially with the children.  If you have any old sweaters, please send them my way!!!  Thank  you!)  This morning I finished a dress that I started 3 years ago for MaryEllen. It is not the greatest work, but Charlotte really liked it and MaryEllen kept saying how pretty it is and begging me to make her one.
  And here’s a close up of our little Charlotte…

The second project that I found time to work on is the start of a dress, again started about 3 years ago.  This is my very first attempt at smocking and embroidery.  After taking this picture, I learned a very valuable lesson about smocking dresses.  If you are going to add embroidery, do it after you block the smocking for the pattern.  Now all that embroidery has to come out.  Two good things about that.  1.  It was really good practice and 2. it will give me plenty to do while listening to EWTN at night! 

 Last, but certainly not least, are the shirts that Mom sent me as mentioned in the previous post.  Thanks again, Mom.     And the belly shot.  Yesterday I officially hit the 6 month mark.  Today I officially hit the 27 week mark, which marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester. 


6 Responses to “May Snap Shots”

  1. Ruth Says:

    What a beautiful belly shot, Kristen. Charlotte is too cute!

  2. Laurajean Says:

    You and Charlotte are both adorable. I miss you guys!

  3. Laura Says:

    Lovely dress on a lovely lady! This story reminds me of a quilt that mom started for me when I was little, but which she put aside to make a quilt for my brother when he came along. She finished his quilt when he was in high school, and still has yet to finish mine…! I remind mom about this every so often, so she won’t forget…

  4. Mary Lou Says:

    Kristen, Showed mom the blogs… What’s wrong with that embroidery? Looks good to us!

  5. Adele Says:

    Congratulations on hitting the third trimester!! That reminds me, I have a tonne of sewing to get to. It always seems to be the last thing on the agenda.

    God bless you,

  6. Dorothy A Stankavage Says:

    I vaguely remember number #6, Billy’s (AKA William’s) pregnancy. Our number 9, Samuel, is almost 2. He has that 2 yr old little boy energy and determination. My job is a break from him. 🙂

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