Stink Bug at 4:25 a.m.

Did you ever wake up with something crawling on your forehead?  Well, this morning it was a stink bug.  Where did he come from?  What a way to wake up.  The heartburn/acid reflux was too bad to go back to bed.  I got up and made ume-sho-kuzu tea (I posted the recipe a few months back) and that seems to be helping.  Now I’m here at the computer, printing out today’s assignments and blogging. 

On Thursday I went around and took some pictures of the different creatures and plants around here to post here and haven’t done it yet.  Perhaps today.  Friday was our Contenders meeting.  The children (Contenders and Keepers) worked on manners and ediquite.  On Saturday it was down to Huntsville for alter boy training, Costco, and the library.  A few weeks ago I picked out a Bill Nye video.  Since Mom picked it out no one wanted to watch it because it must be boring.  But when it was played all children were glued and now they all ask to get another one when at the library.  Yesterday (Sunday) was the Latin Mass and James made his First Confession.  He’ll make his First Communion on May 25.  If you are in the area, you are welcome to come.  There will be a reception to follow.  This morning is Mass and then on to Uncle Tom’s for breakfast.  Yeah!  Everyone enjoys it when he is in town.

Now, here are some of the pictures I took to put here the other day…

The flowers are blooming…

Marigolds of many shapes and sizes


The beautiful white rose bush is in bloom

The bushes around the front porch are beautiful and pink

In the garden…

On Saturday night we had severe thunderstorms (but the tornadoes stayed south of us.  Praise God!)  Some cooler weather came in which I’m hoping will help the kale, beets, and radishes because it was really getting hot.  Yesterday the high was about 67 and today it is suppose to be lower 70s before reaching 80 tomorrow.  Here is the start of beets, kale, and the strawberry patch (complete with ant hill)…


The horses are happy to be back in the bigger pasture.  We had moved them to the lower pasture so Joe could fix the fence part that was washed away during the heavy rain.  The lower pasture fence comes up to the front yard and it was really neat having them there too.  But they do seem to enjoy having a larger running space and the barn.

Joe was busy working on the weather station…

Did I mention that Fancy had kittens?  There are three this year.  Since they have been moved up from the barn the children want to be with them all the time!  Poor things.


Well, I hope you got more sleep than I did and have a wonderful day!


2 Responses to “Stink Bug at 4:25 a.m.”

  1. Sue Says:

    Dear James,

    Congratulations on receiving your First Penance – it’s a big step for you! I wish I could be there for your First Communion. This is a special YEAR for you with these two big firsts!

    God bless you.

    Aunt Sue

  2. Dorothy A Stankavage Says:

    Belated blessings to my Godson. I just found your blog again, as I’ve had to restore my pc twice in the last 6 months, which lost all my emails and addresses.

    Remember Juanita Konechne? Her little sisters are my babysitters on the 2 weekdays I work. Does that make me old? I remember when they were little, in 1995?

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