April Fun in the Sun

We have been very busy this month.  First of all, we went to Huntsville with our friends to meet the Sisters of the Eternal Word.  A good time was had by all.  We learned about the patron saints of this order (St. Dominic and St. Francis), and there were also talks and crafts given by the sisters depending on the age group.  We also got to hear some of their beautiful music and some fun songs as well, such as a ballad that was written about an armadillo that was digging up the grounds of the convent, and about a buzzard who waited for the Lord to provide (which He did when a farmer shot a chicken hawk!)


A little later in the month, we met some wonderful new friends.  The boys are very interested in the War Between the States and being around them has rekindled that flame in our boys.  We also spent nearly a full 2 days with them and there was not a single fight, even when they got tired.  They thoroughly enjoy eachothers’ company.  Their Mom and I half joke about being in this friendship for the long haul.  The second day we spent with them was in the most beautiful part of Tennessee that I have seen, in the middle of nowhere.  The children played in a few creeks and watched one of the boys have his violin lesson. 


Yesterday everyone got their lessons done in a timely manor and had the rest of the day to play.  Ahhh, spring time in southern Tennessee, when the weather hits the lower 80s everyday!  The children wanted so badly to go to the creek.  John and James begged for buzz hair cuts, so I gave them those cuts.  Then the boys went to their favorite creek spot.  The girls and I started down to the “regular” creek spot and we were joined by the boys.


Later that day, Dad went out with the children to put up a tent made out of bamboo poles and an old sheet.  They then had fun building a camp fire.


And to think, April is not over yet!  More to come…(hopefully in a timely manor!)


4 Responses to “April Fun in the Sun”

  1. Ruth Says:

    What a great time! I love the tent.

  2. Sue Says:

    Hi, Kris!

    Thanks for entering this, I enjoy reading it and seeing the children’s pictures! Is John’s hair getting darker? It looks like it in the last picture.
    Keep having fun, stay healthy, and God bless you all.


  3. Laurie Says:

    Hey there!
    I tagged you…come visit my blog to see!!!


  4. Everything That's Good Says:

    I live in Fl. the land is so flat here. Your photos are beautiful

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