April Rain

We started Sring off here very wet!  What a blessing, especially after last summer’s drout.  The side creek that hardly ever runs was running so fast that it went under one side of the barn!  It actually ran for a few days which is rare.  We even had our temporary pond, and it was pretty big this time.  We had so much fun going out after the rains and seeing the water running.  It is just beautiful.  Here are some pictures…

The horses by the temporary pond        


3 Responses to “April Rain”

  1. mary lou Says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely pictures! Your Vista is transmitting very well!!

  2. Ruth Says:

    I love it!!!

  3. laurahiblclark Says:

    So glad you are back — I was beginning to worry about you.

    All the pictures are lovely – are you going to post the recipes?

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