The Seeds have Arrived

Now, may I ask you, what will we do with 12 varieties of winter squash and 6 varieties of pumpkins?  Did someone here go a little squash crazy?  Perhaps.  Did a book by the name of “The Compleat Squash” inspire someone here?  Maybe.  How about those lovely seed catalogs in the middle of winter?  Tempting. 

 Once again this year it was Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and The Seed Savers Exchange that got our business.  Those are the two catalogs that I pour over, especially the squash sections. 

 Most of these hardy winter squash like water.  Since the horses now occupy the field where our pumpkins used to grow we will be moving them to the lower pasture, in between the water house and the creek.  It is usually moist down there.  All will be well if the “creek don’t rise” (as they used to say in ole Virginny) and if there is not another record breaking drought.  Only time will tell. 

The varieties this year: 


Amish Pie, King of Mammoth (making it’s second appearance here at Ten Gates Farm), Rouge Vif D’Etampes (a.k.a. Cinderella, another for the 2nd year in a row), Howden for a second time, New England Sugar Pie, and once again, the infamous Winter Luxury Pie! 

Winter Squash:

This is the big one, folks.  There are many sizes, shapes and colors that I really hope will grow this year.  I will NOT be planting Tennessee Sweet Potatoes because they grew so well that we don’t care to see anymore for a while.    We WILL be growing once again Buttercup, Red Kuri, Butternut, and Delicata.  For the first time we will attempt to grow Jumbo Pink Banana, Kabocha (so very excited to see this variety is Baker Creek, new this year for them!), Blue Hubbard, Long of Naples, Kikuza, Black Futsu, Greek Sweet Red, and Table Queen Acorn.  That should keep me plenty busy until the baby arrives!

Hopefully later I will get a nice post with the pictures and history of these lovely squash.  Next step, planning where each variety will grow.  We are certainly looking forward to another growing season here. 


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