MaryEllen’s 5th Birthday

MaryEllen celebrated her 5th birthday! 


We had a little play date here on that day with some cake.  Siena, Bearach, & Erin were here to play. 

5-maryellen-6.jpg       5-maryellen-8.jpg    5-maryellen-7.jpg

A few days before that, a package from Aunt Mary Lou came.  That was fun!

5-maryellen-1.jpg   5-maryellen-2.jpg  

 5-maryellen-3.jpg   5-maryellen-5.jpg

I cannot believe that my first baby girl is 5!


Now, a word about the cake.  It is a chocolate red velvet cake from Christina Pirello’s new book, the updated and revised version of “Cooking the Whole Foods Way.”  (Everyone should run right out and get that book!)  The cake (and icing) had absolutely NO sugar or dairy in it and the children loved it, even my most picky eater and my husband.   It was also loaded with vitamins because there were beets in it, yet it really tasted good, very moist and delicious.  Most importantly, MaryEllen really liked it.

5-maryellen-cake-1.jpg    5-maryellen-cake-2.jpg


3 Responses to “MaryEllen’s 5th Birthday”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Happy 5th birthday to you precious little girl!

  2. Marcia Says:

    Can you post the recipe? I’m always trying to trick my sugar-lovers into healthier things…

    and I have one 19yo who also loves to find healthy recipes…



  3. Laura Says:

    Wow- Mary Ellen has really grown up! She looks so mature for a five-year-old. Also, that cake looks really, really good….! I would like to second Marcia for a posting of the recipe, at your convenience, of course!

    Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures!


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