A Tennessee Winter

It is winter, isn’t it?   We had strong thunderstorms this morning starting around 5 am and lasting all through the morning.  I really had no intention of going outside today excpet to feed the critters.  My husband came in wearing a quilted flannel shirt and told me it really wasn’t very cold out.  This afternoon I put on a light jacket, went out, and had to take the jacket off!  It has been cloudy and overcast all day, so it looks like it should be cold.  While waiting for the horses to finish their oats so I could clean out thier stall, Joe came down and we went for a little walk.  Southern Tennessee has had the worst drout in recorded history last year.  Well, today we took a little walk to see all of the creeks flowing once again the little waterfalls running.  I only wished the camera was nearby.   I even saw the first frog of the year jump into a little pool.  It is so refreshing to see that water flowing again.  We have had several really good, soaking rains and this morning just helped it along all the more.  I am thinking gardening once again and planning out where my watermelons, general, and winter squash gardens will go this year. 

 In other news, since the kittens were so good to us and took off, the birds have been back.  For Christmas the boys got kits to make birdhouses.  There is a pileated woodpecker that really likes James’s house.  Today Kevin yelled for us to look out the window and watch James’s house.  There was a Carolina Chickadee coming out of the little hole.  Kevin exclaimed, “Where’s James?  I need to tell him that he has a Carolina Chickadee on his line!”  Perhaps this is some kind of new fishing?

On Sunday we were going to go to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament for Mass.  Well, we thought we gave ourselves enough time, but we were about 20 minutes short.  So, we ended up going to Mass at Sacred Heart Church in Cullman.  If you love old, beautiful, traditional Catholic churches, this one is not to be missed!  It is breathtaking.  I would love, love, love to attend a high Latin Mass there someday.  It would be a little piece of Heaven.  They even blessed throats for the feast of St. Blaise.  We were very pleased they were doing that. 

Back to the weather… tomorrow is suppose to be a high of 74!!!  Then they are calling for thunderstorms and strong winds.   High expected for Wednesday?  47!  Ack!!!  Winter in Tennessee is certainly different than Virginia.


One Response to “A Tennessee Winter”

  1. laurahiblclark Says:

    “Winter in Tennessee is certainly different than Virginia”

    No, it’s not! We had high 60’s yesterday, and it’s going to be over 70 today. In fact, when we went to 8:30 am Ash Wednesday mass, no one wore a jacket, or even a sweater! We got a little rain last night, but it looks like we will get the storms today!

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