Thank you, Aunt Sue, Uncle Tom, & Tarin!!

Well, Tom finally made it home longer than a few hours.  It was like Christmas in February.  There were presents from Aunt Sue, Uncle Tom & Tarin, and Aunt Carolann, Uncle Lee, Lee, & Dale (but they don’t read the blog, so can’t thank them here.)  Tom made a wonderful waffle and french toast breakfast complete with grape juice.  After breakfast it was present time. 

 The children love the presents, especially the big CARS truck!  The girls love their dolls, and Charlotte especially likes to let her cabbage patch kid walk off the edge of the table so she can catch it. 

ut-christmas-jan-08-1.jpg   uy-christmas-jan-08.jpg   ut-christmas-jan-08.jpg


One Response to “Thank you, Aunt Sue, Uncle Tom, & Tarin!!”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hi, Kristen,

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I wish we could have been there to share in the enjoyment. God bless you all & have a Spirit-filled Lent!


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