What’s Up?

Well, Laurie so kindly reminded me that it is time for a new post.  She says 10 days is long enough.  I suppose she is right.

 As was stated here before I cannot believe it is the new year already.  I’ll confess right now, the tree is still up!  Joe asked tonight if we are keeping it up until next year.  It is abslutely amazing what a little person (37 millimeters according to John) growing inside you can wreck such havoc on your life!  Dont’ get me wrong, we are utterly grateful for that havoc!  What is does is makes me tired and sick and it takes most of my energy.  My goal is to have the tree down in time for Superbowl Sunday.  (Speaking of which, stay tuned for John’s perdictions that will be posted right here!) 

Last Friday was Contenders which we all enjoy so much.  The company can not be beat!  Joe taught the boys some Chess moves while the hall was filled with wonderful smells of breads and cakes being baked by the Keepers.  I even got to taste a little piece of Carly’s bread and it was really, really good!  On the way home James mentioned that his stomach hurt.  Before we got home he was vomiting!  Oh, the start of the stomach bug.  Of course that is the day my favorite brother calls and tells us he is coming home for a really quick stop.  We have not seen him since October.  By the early evning the girls joined in the vomiting party.  So, we camped out on the floor close to the bathroom and all night long footsteps running to the toilet could be heard.  The next day it hit me.  Joy of joys!  But, then we all recovered, of course after missing my brother’s homecoming. 

After all that, things are looking up again.  That same brother managed to get a load back to TN and will be home tomorrow!  Yeah!!!  We are going to his house for Kevin’s birthday waffle breakfast (a few months late) and to open presents from some of the relatives that my dear brother brought for us.   On Saturday MaryEllen has a birthday tea that she has been invited to and is oh so excited about.  To get there requires a half an hour drive and it will be just she and me and that very rarely happens. 

On yet another toilet note, a (sort of) cute thing happened today.  Perhaps I should call it comical. The incident has me wondering if Charlotte needs to be potty trained soon.  While checking my messages earlier today, my 7 year old son comes and tells me:

7 year old: Charlotte is trying to take her diaper off.

Mom: Did she take off her clothes again?

7 year old: No. I think she’s trying to change it. It’s really stinky.

Mom runs into the living room to find Charlotte. She is not there. She is lying on the bed (where I always change her) with her diaper undone, babywipe in hand trying to clean herself up!  Ugh!

After that story, just in case you might need it, a macrobiotic tea that has been helping me with my “morning sickness” at night:

– 1 umobeshi plum
– 1 cup of water
– 3 Tbsp. cold water
– 1 heaping tsp. of kuzu
– grated ginger juice
– few drops of shoyu (good qualitiy soy sauce)

The first cup of water gets put in a small pot. Then take the pit out of the umeobeshi plum (a Japanese pickeled plum) and chop the flesh up. Add it to the water. Dilute kuzu (a medicinal root starch that looks like chalk) in the 3 Tbsps. of COLD water. Add it to the pot and keep stirring. Grate some ginger and squeeze the juice into the pot. Keep stirring until it thickens a bit and liquid becomes clear. Add a few drops of shoyu, stir a minute longer and pour. Drink while hot.

I know, I know, a lot of “funny” ingredients.  But they can usually be found at health food stores (or online) and this is the only thing I know that gives me relief! 

With that I’ll close this post.  Until next time….


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