More Christmas Presents and the Chicken Dance

Here’s a big Thank You to Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Al, & Al.  The cards arrived yesterday so we went to the Tractor Supply store to see if there were any after Christmas sales.  There were.  MaryEllen came home with a play stable, horse, and all kinds of little accessories to go with it.   Kevin came home with an African Safari play set with a bunch of animals.  James wanted a big stuffed horse.  He got a nice brown one that he can pretent to ride.  John got a lego-like thing that makes yellow construction vehicles.  Charlotte didn’t get anything.  She really wanted a stuffed chicken where you pressed the wing and it started playing (very loudly) the chicken dance and balk-balk-balked up a storm.  I really didn’t think I could handle that! But, perhaps we’ll go back and get it.  It brings back memories of Vicki’s wedding and Mom doing that chicken dance.  Speaking of that, I pulled out that video not too long ago because the children had never seen the chicken dance before.  We all laughed quite a bit watching it.


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