Merry Christmas!

Another busy week has come and gone.  First of all, Thank You to everyone who has sent cards and pictures.  We love hearing from you!  Our walls are filled with festive greetings and they are all so much fun to look at. 

On Tuesday evening (one week ago today), I went to my very first Christmas cookie exchange.  It was so much fun!  Thank you, Laurie, for putting it all together.  There was wonderful food (although I was a bit queezy that night and couldn’t eat much!), wonderful games, and lots of laughter with a wonderful bunch of women and a few wonderful teens! 

On Thursday our neighbor helped us to get the horses.  We were all so excited, now it is finally a farm.  We changed the name again.  We could not even remember what we had named the place before.  It just didn’t seem to stick in our minds.  Joe came up with Ten Gates Farm.  We have 10 large cattle gates here and it sounds catchy.  I have even remembered it for many days now!  The horses seem to like their new surroundings, so that is good.

horses1.jpg  (Click on the picture for a larger image.)

Christmas Eve – We went out to eat at our favorite resturant.  Yum!  Then we had to get back home in time to get ready for the 4:30 pm Children’s Mass.   Kevin was in the chior and John was serving.  The chior sounded very nice and John got to hold the Baby Jesus and put Him in the manger on the alter.  We came home, had some tea, and the boys and I went back to church for 9:00 pm Mass.  They not only had the organ, but a trumpet and flutes playing.  The adult chior sounded lovely as well.  James served for the first time, so that was very special.  I thought he was going to make his First Communion, but Father remembered just before he gave it to James.  We were all pretty tired when we got home.  The boys went to bed and Joe and I readied the place for Santa’s arrival. 

stockingings-hung-07.jpg    tree-07.jpg

The children seem to be very happy with thier gifts which is always nice.  There were pancakes for breakfast after the horses were tended to, and Mom and Dad got to take a nap!  My stomach is very much queezy today, but I am ever so grateful for that feeling.   (I know what you are thinking, and you are probably right!  So say a little prayer that this one is born alive and well!)  The weather is a bit chilly, but still nice.  It was very bright out this morning, but the clouds are rolling in.  They say there may be a few rain showers today. 

charlotte-chirstmas-07.jpg    christmas-07.jpg    maryellen-chistmas-07.jpg

I hope you are having a Blessed Christmas and may 2008 bring you many graces and blessings!


5 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Merry, Merry Christmas, my friend!!
    Praying for that little blessing…. 🙂

    Here’s to a great new year!!!

  2. Misty Says:

    I think it was ‘Walnut Ridge Farms’? I’m probably wrong on the Ridge….tee hee hee

    Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. Easter A. Says:

    I live on a small island that has very few farms. It is interesting to read about a family like yours, and horses… just wonderful!

  4. Ruth Says:

    Merry Christmas, Kristen. You and the baby are in my prayers.

  5. Sue Says:

    Merry Christmas to all!!! Just remember “Little Christmas” or Epiphany on Jan. 6th. Maybe some more treats will come by then – if Uncle Tom gets there soon!

    Love to all,


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