Christmas 2007, part 2

This day has really been most relaxing and quiet, well as quiet as it can be with 5 children running around.  The boys had their daily does of football.  Kevin received a new football helmet, so now they all have one.    Joe went down and took some footage of the horses and the children going down thier favorite hill on a little plastic wagon that we have.  While they were near the barn I went down to go see the horses.  When it is getting near dark and they see me, I don’t even need oats and they come over!  After that it was off to the house to make dinner.  Dinner was spicy salmon, soba noodles, quick radish pickles, and boiled broccoli.   Nothing fancy, but when the children came in and saw the table, they all made exclaimations about the feast!  Ahh, what a red table cloth and placemats that are off-white with gold can do!  We also have our Advent wreath on the table, but instead of a pink and purple candles, it now has 4 white.  I wish we had taken a picture of the nice table.  At dinner we realized we still had some presents that had not been opened yet.  The children decided they should be opened immediately after dinner.  Somewhere in the middle of dinner, Charlotte conked out!  In the stocking was plenty of candy (no dairy and not refined sugar, of course, but still candy!)  Every time I saw that child today she had some in her mouth.  Well, it finally caught up with her and she was out cold!  She missed the presents, but the others didn’t.

Thank you Aunt Ann, Uncle Nick, Jim, & Mike!  The cars are a big hit and I know the airplane books will be too very soon.  MaryEllen loves her dress and the little dress up doll with the real material and her own glue! 

 presents1.jpg    presents2.jpg    presents4.jpg

Thank you, Laura!  Joe opened the package.  The boys love to read about Pompeii!  Joe opened the book while I was doing dishes and all I heard was MaryEllen yelling, “Turn the page, turn the page!”  I looked out and all the boys had stopped playing with thier cars long enough to see the next several pages.  The book is beautiful.  Where did you find that card?  It is hilarious!  Joe said there was something else as well, so thank you.   I’ll get to look later.  I just wanted to finish dishes and I am looking forward to bed time tonight!


MaryEllen had to go to bed because she said her leg hurt because she was too tired.  While the girls are sleeping, you can here the hum of remote controled cars all over.  James just said, “I just did a donut, Mom.”  With that I’lll close and wish everyone once again Merry Christmas!


One Response to “Christmas 2007, part 2”

  1. Laura Says:

    So glad you liked the book! I had a LOT of fun picking it out…

    Love to all,

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