This Week in the Mail

I love this time of the year when the mailman brings all sorts of greeting from people not heard from in a year or so.  There have been many cards and we just love them all, especially those with pictures in them!   However, that is not the most exciting thing.  This week my favorite seed catalog came!  Yeah.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!!!  The most exciting addition to their catalog (in my ever so humble opinion) is Kabocha winter squash.  Now I can order all my seeds from one place.  Already in the works (in my mind, anyway) is planning the pumpkin patch, which also includes winter squash.  This year the pumpkin patch will be in a new spot, as the new horses are going in the field where the patch used to be.  The children may loose a little more of their “football field” this year, but they always seem to appreciate the pumpkins that come from the garden.

One little note about Baker Creek.  They are not only a seed company, but are activists against GMO foods!  Their catalog is also filled with interesting quotes.  My favorite being one from Ronald Reagan:  “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:  I’m from the gonvernment and I’m here to help.”

While I’m at it, speaking of politics, have you checked out Ron Paul for president?  If not, you might want to. 

 On a lighter side, our foyer is filled with blankets and pillows.  The boys have made countless numbers of paper guns of all kinds.  The girls are carrying these paper guns as well and all the children are playing “bear hunting.”   Charlotte has a hat from an armour costume that the boys wore.  It is pretty cute.  (But then again, when isn’t that girl cute?)


2 Responses to “This Week in the Mail”

  1. mary lou Says:

    “the new horses”??????

    send me more info, please….

  2. bestchildrensbooks1 Says:

    bear hunting’s children. sound nice for adult as me
    wanna back to kids 🙂

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