Light Dinner Conversation

Do you ever wonder what people with small children talk about at the dinner table?  Well, if you have an 11 year old boy who loves football, and two younger boys who love football almost as much, perhaps you will never hear the end of…well…football!  Today the conversation started with 11 year old boy telling us that NFL football players take buses because airplanes won’t let them carry their equipment with them.  Well, it sounded funny to Joe and I so we told John to go research it better.  Somehow the football conversations always turn to John Madden.  Today was no different.  Joe chimes in, “Do you know that John Madden will not take a plane anywhere?  He always takes busses.”  After a moment of thought, 7 year old James Chimes in, very thoughfully, “It must be because his head is too heavy.” 

 There you have it, lovely dinner conversation!


One Response to “Light Dinner Conversation”

  1. Ann Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I don’t know about the NFL, but your cousin knows a lot about college football. According to him, the team flies to away games and the truck with all the equipment meets them there. Don’t forget to watch for him on the sidelines on Thurs. night at the Poinsettia Bowl. It’s on espn or sometimes there’s a link from

    Keep a lookout for a big box coming from NJ.

    Aunt Ann

    PS Great John Madden Comment!

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