If You Want to Make God Laugh…

…Tell Him your plans for the day! 

We had an Advent Open House planned for Sunday.  On Saturday night we came home from Mass to find that we had no water!  It turns out the pump broke.  There is an old water system at this place, so my dear husband was able to get a hose from that system into our kitchen.  So, along with house tours, people got to see the hose coming in from the back door.  We had lots of fun hosing off the dishes as well!   It turned out to be a lovely day with high temps in the mid 70s.  After the party I counted the attendees and we had 39 adults and 39 children come through.  What fun!  When’s the next party?


2 Responses to “If You Want to Make God Laugh…”

  1. Misty Says:

    The next party is in approximately 2 hours………See you then, or ELSE!!

  2. Laurie Says:

    So true…so very true!!!
    What a great turnout you had!! Glad to be counted among that number!
    Water issues….we have so been there, done that! Not fun at all!!

    Had a great time last night!!

    Love ya!

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