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One more Christmas Photo

December 27, 2007

I almost forgot to post this.  The girls got dolls for Christmas and wanted to get their pictures taken with them.  Here are the results…

christmas-dolls-1.jpg     christmas-dolls-2.jpg

More Christmas Presents and the Chicken Dance

December 27, 2007

Here’s a big Thank You to Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Al, & Al.  The cards arrived yesterday so we went to the Tractor Supply store to see if there were any after Christmas sales.  There were.  MaryEllen came home with a play stable, horse, and all kinds of little accessories to go with it.   Kevin came home with an African Safari play set with a bunch of animals.  James wanted a big stuffed horse.  He got a nice brown one that he can pretent to ride.  John got a lego-like thing that makes yellow construction vehicles.  Charlotte didn’t get anything.  She really wanted a stuffed chicken where you pressed the wing and it started playing (very loudly) the chicken dance and balk-balk-balked up a storm.  I really didn’t think I could handle that! But, perhaps we’ll go back and get it.  It brings back memories of Vicki’s wedding and Mom doing that chicken dance.  Speaking of that, I pulled out that video not too long ago because the children had never seen the chicken dance before.  We all laughed quite a bit watching it.

Christmas 2007, part 2

December 25, 2007

This day has really been most relaxing and quiet, well as quiet as it can be with 5 children running around.  The boys had their daily does of football.  Kevin received a new football helmet, so now they all have one.    Joe went down and took some footage of the horses and the children going down thier favorite hill on a little plastic wagon that we have.  While they were near the barn I went down to go see the horses.  When it is getting near dark and they see me, I don’t even need oats and they come over!  After that it was off to the house to make dinner.  Dinner was spicy salmon, soba noodles, quick radish pickles, and boiled broccoli.   Nothing fancy, but when the children came in and saw the table, they all made exclaimations about the feast!  Ahh, what a red table cloth and placemats that are off-white with gold can do!  We also have our Advent wreath on the table, but instead of a pink and purple candles, it now has 4 white.  I wish we had taken a picture of the nice table.  At dinner we realized we still had some presents that had not been opened yet.  The children decided they should be opened immediately after dinner.  Somewhere in the middle of dinner, Charlotte conked out!  In the stocking was plenty of candy (no dairy and not refined sugar, of course, but still candy!)  Every time I saw that child today she had some in her mouth.  Well, it finally caught up with her and she was out cold!  She missed the presents, but the others didn’t.

Thank you Aunt Ann, Uncle Nick, Jim, & Mike!  The cars are a big hit and I know the airplane books will be too very soon.  MaryEllen loves her dress and the little dress up doll with the real material and her own glue! 

 presents1.jpg    presents2.jpg    presents4.jpg

Thank you, Laura!  Joe opened the package.  The boys love to read about Pompeii!  Joe opened the book while I was doing dishes and all I heard was MaryEllen yelling, “Turn the page, turn the page!”  I looked out and all the boys had stopped playing with thier cars long enough to see the next several pages.  The book is beautiful.  Where did you find that card?  It is hilarious!  Joe said there was something else as well, so thank you.   I’ll get to look later.  I just wanted to finish dishes and I am looking forward to bed time tonight!


MaryEllen had to go to bed because she said her leg hurt because she was too tired.  While the girls are sleeping, you can here the hum of remote controled cars all over.  James just said, “I just did a donut, Mom.”  With that I’lll close and wish everyone once again Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2007

Another busy week has come and gone.  First of all, Thank You to everyone who has sent cards and pictures.  We love hearing from you!  Our walls are filled with festive greetings and they are all so much fun to look at. 

On Tuesday evening (one week ago today), I went to my very first Christmas cookie exchange.  It was so much fun!  Thank you, Laurie, for putting it all together.  There was wonderful food (although I was a bit queezy that night and couldn’t eat much!), wonderful games, and lots of laughter with a wonderful bunch of women and a few wonderful teens! 

On Thursday our neighbor helped us to get the horses.  We were all so excited, now it is finally a farm.  We changed the name again.  We could not even remember what we had named the place before.  It just didn’t seem to stick in our minds.  Joe came up with Ten Gates Farm.  We have 10 large cattle gates here and it sounds catchy.  I have even remembered it for many days now!  The horses seem to like their new surroundings, so that is good.

horses1.jpg  (Click on the picture for a larger image.)

Christmas Eve – We went out to eat at our favorite resturant.  Yum!  Then we had to get back home in time to get ready for the 4:30 pm Children’s Mass.   Kevin was in the chior and John was serving.  The chior sounded very nice and John got to hold the Baby Jesus and put Him in the manger on the alter.  We came home, had some tea, and the boys and I went back to church for 9:00 pm Mass.  They not only had the organ, but a trumpet and flutes playing.  The adult chior sounded lovely as well.  James served for the first time, so that was very special.  I thought he was going to make his First Communion, but Father remembered just before he gave it to James.  We were all pretty tired when we got home.  The boys went to bed and Joe and I readied the place for Santa’s arrival. 

stockingings-hung-07.jpg    tree-07.jpg

The children seem to be very happy with thier gifts which is always nice.  There were pancakes for breakfast after the horses were tended to, and Mom and Dad got to take a nap!  My stomach is very much queezy today, but I am ever so grateful for that feeling.   (I know what you are thinking, and you are probably right!  So say a little prayer that this one is born alive and well!)  The weather is a bit chilly, but still nice.  It was very bright out this morning, but the clouds are rolling in.  They say there may be a few rain showers today. 

charlotte-chirstmas-07.jpg    christmas-07.jpg    maryellen-chistmas-07.jpg

I hope you are having a Blessed Christmas and may 2008 bring you many graces and blessings!

Light Dinner Conversation

December 16, 2007

Do you ever wonder what people with small children talk about at the dinner table?  Well, if you have an 11 year old boy who loves football, and two younger boys who love football almost as much, perhaps you will never hear the end of…well…football!  Today the conversation started with 11 year old boy telling us that NFL football players take buses because airplanes won’t let them carry their equipment with them.  Well, it sounded funny to Joe and I so we told John to go research it better.  Somehow the football conversations always turn to John Madden.  Today was no different.  Joe chimes in, “Do you know that John Madden will not take a plane anywhere?  He always takes busses.”  After a moment of thought, 7 year old James Chimes in, very thoughfully, “It must be because his head is too heavy.” 

 There you have it, lovely dinner conversation!

This Week in the Mail

December 16, 2007

I love this time of the year when the mailman brings all sorts of greeting from people not heard from in a year or so.  There have been many cards and we just love them all, especially those with pictures in them!   However, that is not the most exciting thing.  This week my favorite seed catalog came!  Yeah.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!!!  The most exciting addition to their catalog (in my ever so humble opinion) is Kabocha winter squash.  Now I can order all my seeds from one place.  Already in the works (in my mind, anyway) is planning the pumpkin patch, which also includes winter squash.  This year the pumpkin patch will be in a new spot, as the new horses are going in the field where the patch used to be.  The children may loose a little more of their “football field” this year, but they always seem to appreciate the pumpkins that come from the garden.

One little note about Baker Creek.  They are not only a seed company, but are activists against GMO foods!  Their catalog is also filled with interesting quotes.  My favorite being one from Ronald Reagan:  “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:  I’m from the gonvernment and I’m here to help.”

While I’m at it, speaking of politics, have you checked out Ron Paul for president?  If not, you might want to. 

 On a lighter side, our foyer is filled with blankets and pillows.  The boys have made countless numbers of paper guns of all kinds.  The girls are carrying these paper guns as well and all the children are playing “bear hunting.”   Charlotte has a hat from an armour costume that the boys wore.  It is pretty cute.  (But then again, when isn’t that girl cute?)

It Has Been so Very Busy Here…

December 13, 2007

Well, I posted that the party went well.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all had a wonderful time.  The next day was cleanup and Joe worked on the furnace room.  Tuesday we started with Mass and then ran a few errands in one town, then had to go 20 miles to the next town.  After that we settled at home.  Tuesday evening was Mom’s Night Out!  Oh how I love this one night a month.  There is good company and lots of laughter.  Naturally we closed the place, but this time I did not stay out talking in the parking lot!  Wednesday was a chiropractor’s appointment at 11 am.  Well, due to 2 tractor tralier accidents they closed the interstate, which I wasn’t on, but it still caused a major backup.  I called the office while sitting stand still in traffic and they rescheduled me for 2 pm.  I made it near the office by noon.  We went and did other errands and went out to lunch, but we were in the car for 2 1/2 hours.  Luckily when I heard from the radio that the interstate was closed we stopped for a potty break.  That was a good move because I don’t think any of us could have made it!  We arrived home sometime late that evening because we did a little shopping after the chiropractor.  For the first time I went into a  Lifeway Christian store as I was looking for some more Christmas cards.  Well, the cards were buy one get one free and I found a few Thanksgiving decorations at 75% off!  Yee Haa!    Today was spent getting caught up on dishes, laundry and other house work that needed to be done.  I also wrote out Christmas cards to our seminarians from the Diocese of Nashville.  Then it was time to goto the post office and have a playday with a few other friends.  We were suppose to goto Huntsville to the library, but that didn’t happen since I forgot my cell phone and the library books.  We have to goto the library because our cards are going to expire on Saturday and I don’t want to pay for a bunch of overdue books!  Tomorrow is the Christmas craft party.  I don’t know if we’re going to be providing the craft for a reindeer puppet or a stand up christmas tree, it depends on what the store has on hand for supplies.  But, what ever we do, we’re going to Huntsville after that.  The library books are already in the van!

 One more thing that I forgot, we took pictures for the Chirstmas cards today.  I’ll post a few here that we are not using for the cards. 

07christmas2.jpg    07chirstmas1.jpg If you click on these they will enlarge.  Notice James’s face in the first photo.

If You Want to Make God Laugh…

December 10, 2007

…Tell Him your plans for the day! 

We had an Advent Open House planned for Sunday.  On Saturday night we came home from Mass to find that we had no water!  It turns out the pump broke.  There is an old water system at this place, so my dear husband was able to get a hose from that system into our kitchen.  So, along with house tours, people got to see the hose coming in from the back door.  We had lots of fun hosing off the dishes as well!   It turned out to be a lovely day with high temps in the mid 70s.  After the party I counted the attendees and we had 39 adults and 39 children come through.  What fun!  When’s the next party?