Happy Thanksgiving 2007

I would like to wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be greatful for.

 We started the day off with Mass, always a good start.  We saw lots of people we knew.  It is starting to feel like home around here.  Although I can’t get used to Mrs. R.’s new haircut!  It looks nice, but so different.  I can’t believe what a few curls can do! 

We came home and I started cooking.  The children really wanted a turkey, so I got one for them and in case Uncle Tom made it here.  But he didn’t.   MaryEllen was upset that he wouldn’t be here.  I told her he would be having dinner at Aunt Mary Lou’s.  She then started to cry and said, “We’re not going to see Aunt Mary Lou either?”  “Not today,” I told her.  Sometimes I wish my children had the extended family at Thanksgiving like I used to have.  Actually, it wasn’t so much extended, but all my brothers and sisters and then their spouses and children.  But, being the youngest, there were always plenty of people around.  So, all that got me thinking about all of them and the things that I am so greatful about each one. 

 Sue – My Godmother and John’s Godmother… helped instill a love of learning in myself and my boys.

Lee – My Godfather and so good to me when I was little.

Joe – Helped instill a love and respect of nature and the outdoors.  And the gourmet chef who could make squirrel and rabbit taste just like chicken!

Ann – Making cookies on black Friday when Jim and Mike were little.  I still remember that fun, and those horses we saw that one day!

Mary Lou – Everyone’s favorite sister, who keeps us all connected.   What can I say?  I could do a whole post on her alone.  She is always up to something fun and always so giving.

Steve – Love the boat rides.

Tom – Well, if it wasn’t for Tom, I would not have any neices at all!  Also we would not be living in TN.  He is lots of fun, too!

Marie – Keeps everyone on thier toes!

I still pray for you all everynight.  I never could fall asleep without saying that prayer with everyone’s names.   Anyone else still do that?

Also, now my immediate family.  My loving and capeable husband who is so good to all of us.  He is a jack of all trades and never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge, problem solving ability, and the work he accomplishes around the house.

John – My Football and War Between the States encyclopedia!  John loves to read. 

Kevin – The artist!  He is so good to his little sisters, getting them involved in a nice gentle way with anything he is doing, even when they can be pests.

James – My saw-carver.  He has been making boats out of wood with his saw.  He must have that love, inherited from his grandfather and great-grandfather who loved to be on boats.  

MaryEllen – Who has such a joyful way, so excited and happy in all she does.  She is our other artist.

Charlotte – Our little cuddle bug.  She is the sweetest child.

 Well, I certainly rambled there, but I think it is worth posting. 

Food?  Joe complimented me on the food and could not believe that it was all healthy.  The gravy was the only thing that was not made from scratch.  Kevin made the biscuits today.  I made 4 pumpkin pies last night.  Other than those things already mentioned we had turkey (organic free-range), pressed salad with some nuts, broccoli, sweet potato melt (with sweet potatoes from our garden!), millet and garbanzo bean stuffing, and home made cranberry sauce!  Yum!  One little commenter exclaimed, “This is the best dinner of my whole life!”  Now, what do we do with all the leftovers?

 To adorn the table, we had a table cloth!  That is a big deal around here.  I have always been afraid that the littles would grab ahold and pull.  But, that did not happen (yet!)  We even had the candles decorated with Thanksgiving-y type of candle rings on the table, new placemats with a harvest look, and fancy harvest paper plates and napkins.   

For decorations we had many.  Thanks to watching my good friend Maddie over the years display all the children’s art work over the years, we now do the same thing.  We also save any cards that we have been sent over the years and put them up.  It is a neat reminder of different people and of the children at different ages. 

So, even though we did not have any company, it was still quite a celebration and feast here today.  Now, if only the girls were a little older so I had some company in the kitchen!  But, not too fast, I know they’ll only be this age once, and I am so greatful to be able to enjoy them now!

 We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving too!

2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving 2007”

  1. organic food » Blog Archive » Happy Thanksgiving 2007 Says:

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  2. Ruth Says:

    Dear Kristen. You cretainly are very blessed. I’m gald you had a great thanksgiving.

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