A Day in the Life…

Before we went to the services for the old Bishop, we had a sort of relaxing day.  The children went out to play in the dirt hole lovingly referred to as Camp John.  A while later MaryEllen comes in the house with a toy front end loaded bucket filled with dirt.  She was absolutely beaming and could not talk fast enough.  She informed me that in that dirt there were two worms that she caught.  “There’s Mrs. Worm and Mr. Worm and I’m going to keep them and save them for fishing!”   A little while later she came and showed me the worms without the dirt.  She was quite upset when I told her they could not stay in the house.  “But I want to keep them for fishing,” she said.  I told her that she would have to put them back out in the dirt and dig them up again in the spring.  When she asked why I tol her that they would not live in her until next spring when we could go fishing again.  Her reply, “Not even in the refrigerator?” 

A little later on we sat down for some reading.  I was reminded that it is only 2 days until Thanksgiving!  So I thought we better get some Thanksgiving reading in.   Between what was on our shelf and what we gathered from the library a few weeks ago, we had quite a bit. 

Some selections from the Library:

Homeplace by Ann Shelby
Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White
Thanksgiving Treat by Catherine Stock

From our Shelves:

Christopher’s Harvest Time by Elsa Beskow
My First Thanksgiving by Tomie dePaola
The Story of the Pilgrims by Katherine Ross
How Many Days to America? by Eve Bunting
The First Thanksgiving by Jean Craighead George
And last, but certainly not least..
Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Harry Devlin 

We have a few more Thanksgiving titles on the shelf that we may get to tomorrow or the next day.

After all that reading everyone was hungry.  I went to the kitchen to find that it was time we needed to start getting ready to leave!  So, I made peanutbutter crackers and sent the boys in for showers.  At one point, Kevin came to me and wanted to know what time the Annunciation started.    He got his mysteries mixed up!  (If you don’t already know, Catholics pray the Rosary.  It is all based on the Bible.  The “Joyful” mysteries have to do with Mary, the Mother of God.  We concentrate on the Annunciation (when the angel Gabrial appreared to Mary), the Visitation (when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth), the Birth of Jesus, the Presentation (when Jesus as a baby is taken to the temple and presented), and the finding of Jesus in the Temple (when Jesus stayed behind to talk to the leaders of the temple.)) 

After all of that, we managed to get our “Sunday best” on and got to the church on time! 

 Where was Joe through all of this?  At the VA dentist getting two teeth pulled!  Ouch!  He’s doing OK though. 

One Response to “A Day in the Life…”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hi, Kristen,

    If you get a chance, you might want to add Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey by Joy Cowley to your Thanksgiving book collection. When I retire, God knows when, I’ll give you my copy. Your kids would love it!

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