Tis’ the Season…For Hayrides!

Ride on!

First we visited the local “pumpkin patch” which is really a farm. They have a corn maze, lots of animals, and a wonderful play area.  The chidren really enjoy it.  When Charlotte saw the pigs she said, “look at the doggies!”  They also had a little play display called ” From farm to Market” in the barn.  Part of that was a little store section set up that you see in one of the pictures.  On a different day, we got together with some friends and had a nice long hay ride all over their land.   Autumn is just so beautiful here.   (You can click on the pictures to enlarge.)

hayride1.jpg   hayride2.jpg   hayride3.jpg

hayride4.jpg   hayride5.jpg   hayride6.jpg

 By the way, we have been trying to think of a name for our place.  In Virginia our place was called “Serenity Ridge.”  The more children we had, the more funny the name was to me.  Here we just hadn’t come up with anything that we both could agree on.  Since Joe and our neighbor were cutting walnut trees off the ridge and we had a bumper crop of walnuts all over the place, Joe thought Walnut Ridge would be appropriate.  His friend Daniel added “Farm” to the end of the name for us.  So, there you have it…Walnut Ridge Farm.  Here is a picture of Walnut Ridge Farm in the Autumn…

homestead33.jpg  This picture was taken teh other day when it wasn’t very sunny.  I just wanted to get the Bradford pears turing that red color.  Perhaps I’ll try again tomorrow if it is sunny out. 

One Response to “Tis’ the Season…For Hayrides!”

  1. pohlse Says:

    Great post! We had a hayride adventure last year, here’s my post about it:


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