Some Moments in our Family…

James came to me one day during “school.”  I could not help but smile.  Gotta love this boy!


Charlotte was sleeping again.   Actually she was fussing quite a bit.  Then when she quieted I looked and she was asleep in the corner of the kitchen…


If we didn’t have enough of Charlotte sleeping, here’s one other day…

charlotte-sleeps-2.jpg     charlotte-sleeps-3.jpg

One day the children played in the rain…

maryellen-in-teh-rain.jpg     playin-in-teh-rain.jpg

This same day Kevin’s present from Aunt Mary Lou came…

kevins-present-07.jpg     kevins-present-2-07.jpg

Kevin was all smiles on his birthday…


The next day we had cake with Uncle Tom.  You can read a little more at this post.

kev-birthday-cake-07-1.jpg    kev-birthday-cake-2-07.jpg    kev-birthday-cake-3-07.jpg


2 Responses to “Some Moments in our Family…”

  1. Adrianna Says:

    That is hysterical the way Charlotte can sleep anywhere. I love all your family pictures. It looks like you all are havinga wonderful time. My brother is a fire fighter, and the kids really enjoy the fire house.

  2. Laura Says:

    Great contrapposto stance, Kevin- very Roman. !

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