Cucumber Post

The hardest part of this post is what to title it.   I thought of these:

I’m a cucumber, He’s a cucumber, wouldn’t you like to be a cucumber to?

Ever wonder what you would look like if God made you a cucumber?

Kristen and Joe as Cucumbers

The Cucumber Parentst

Us and Larry the Cucumber

I don’t know, they all just don’t seem to do it.

 It seems that the makers of Veggie Tales have put a clip on one of the DVDs about drawing people as vegetables.  Kevin saw it and got right to work drawing his parents along with Larry the Cucumber.  Here is the resulting “portrait.”



5 Responses to “Cucumber Post”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Kristen, Great picture!! really really like it.

  2. mary lou Says:

    for Kevin, Nice!!!!

    Aunt Mary Lou

  3. Muddy Mama Says:

    Very cute!

  4. Laurie Says:

    Too cute!!!


  5. Laura Says:

    Well, this is very good. They LOOK like cucumbers. Clearly, Kevin knows his cucumbers, and how to draw a blob so that it is clearly recognizable as a cucumber. Very impressive. That they are cute cucumbers is just another plus.

    In short, I like it, and am very impressed!

    Much love,

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