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A Trip to the Fire House…

October 30, 2007

In Pictures…


firehouse-2.jpg   firehouse-3.jpg    firehouse-4.jpg

firehouse-7.jpg  firehouse-8.jpg  firehouse-9.jpg  firehouse-10.jpg

firehouse-11.jpg   firehouse-5.jpg    firehouse-6.jpg

What happens when Dad moves a bucket…

October 30, 2007

Dad calls Mom to get the camera.  We find a cute little ring neck snake, a little toad (can you find him?), and a big zipper spider!  What fun.   Now, let’s cover them before the cats spot them!  (You can click on the pictuers to enlarge them.)

ring-neck-snake.jpg    toad.jpg

zipper-spider-1.jpg   zipper-spider-2.jpg

Some Moments in our Family…

October 30, 2007

James came to me one day during “school.”  I could not help but smile.  Gotta love this boy!


Charlotte was sleeping again.   Actually she was fussing quite a bit.  Then when she quieted I looked and she was asleep in the corner of the kitchen…


If we didn’t have enough of Charlotte sleeping, here’s one other day…

charlotte-sleeps-2.jpg     charlotte-sleeps-3.jpg

One day the children played in the rain…

maryellen-in-teh-rain.jpg     playin-in-teh-rain.jpg

This same day Kevin’s present from Aunt Mary Lou came…

kevins-present-07.jpg     kevins-present-2-07.jpg

Kevin was all smiles on his birthday…


The next day we had cake with Uncle Tom.  You can read a little more at this post.

kev-birthday-cake-07-1.jpg    kev-birthday-cake-2-07.jpg    kev-birthday-cake-3-07.jpg

MaryEllen’s Art

October 30, 2007

I don’t mean to brag here, but we have been blown away by our 4 year old’s pictures lately.  She just loves to draw.  The other day she came to me with a picture that at first I thought for sure her older brother drew.  Nope.  Indeed she did it.  She made several and I watched her.  Anyone a Tomie DePaola fan?  Here is Mary Ellen’s Strega Nona.


Here is another picture she gave to me today.  I know they are ducks.   I think the man in the box is a War Between the States Soldier.


You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

A Little Humility…

October 15, 2007

OK, confession time.  Here is the story.  A friend from high school is getting married on Nov. 9. I can’t go.  But, since I have lost 25 pounds since August I was feeling rather trim. I was looking in my dresser mirror, sucking my stomach in and in my head imagining going to this wedding where everyone is commenting on how I am the best looking 35 year old there. LOL!! The next thing I know, my 10 year old son is standing there looking at me with a pretty strange expression. Then he says, (not rude or even joking, but serious with a little grin) “Are you looking at your fat, Mom?” OK, how is that for humility and being knocked down a peg? But, it gets better… I just smiled at him and went to the kitchen to attend to dishes. He walks in and very seriously says, “Mom. Really, why are you so fat anyway?”


On that note, I would just like to say that I have a bunch of pictures to post, but once again, I am having trouble.  It worked fine for a few days and now I can’t seem to shrink them and my very busy husband’s assistance is needed.  When we find the time for that, the pictures will be posted.  So stay tuned….

Cucumber Post

October 7, 2007

The hardest part of this post is what to title it.   I thought of these:

I’m a cucumber, He’s a cucumber, wouldn’t you like to be a cucumber to?

Ever wonder what you would look like if God made you a cucumber?

Kristen and Joe as Cucumbers

The Cucumber Parentst

Us and Larry the Cucumber

I don’t know, they all just don’t seem to do it.

 It seems that the makers of Veggie Tales have put a clip on one of the DVDs about drawing people as vegetables.  Kevin saw it and got right to work drawing his parents along with Larry the Cucumber.  Here is the resulting “portrait.”


Pro Life and Poinsettias

October 7, 2007

I know most of my readers are pro-life.  Today I found out some disturbing news about poinsettias and thought I would pass along this post about it.

I’ve Been Tagged…

October 3, 2007

I have been tagged by my friend Laurie.  Here goes… 

1. What color are your eyes?  Hazel

2. How tall are you? 5’1-1/2″ (That is one and one half inches.  When you are this short, 1/2 inch makes a big difference!) 3. What is your favorite cereal?  Oat groats cooked overnight in the crock pot with a little bit of brown rice syrup.

4. What kind(s) of music do you like?  All sorts of music, with the excpetion of hip-hop and that stuff.

5. Who are your favorite artists? There are so many I don’t know where to start.  Some that are in my van are  Valerie VonFange, Angelina, the Daughters of St. Paul chior, the Cathedral singers, Bruce Springsteen, George Strait, Anne Murray, Alan Jackson, The Bee Gees, The Company I 2nd South Carolina String Band (War between the States music – LOVE THEM!), Billy Joel, etc…

6. What are you favorite colors? Blue and pink

7. What state do you live in? Tennessee.  Northern by birth, Southern by the Grace of God!

8. Do you have any blogger friends that you know IRL (in real life)?   Laurie, Misty, Jennifer, Imogene, Michele, Lissa, Jenn, and I know there are more but it is too late to think!

9. What’s your favorite type(s) of gum? Don’t chew gum

10. Do you live in town, or in the country? COUNTRY!

 OK, now I shall tag Jennifer and Ruth.

 That was fun.  Thanks Laurie!

October 2007 Pauline Holy Family Institute Intention of the Month

October 1, 2007

That the example of Blessed Timothy Giaccardo, who shared his heart with the hearts of all those who approached him, may remain constantly alive in every Pauline priest so as to imitate his fidelity to his Pauline vocation and his apostolic fervor.