Ohio Trip 2007

We made our annual trip to Ohio this year.  We did not rush up and back so that made for a very interesting and relaxed trip.

We were going there for the Holy Family Institute annual Triduum which is like a party for the children and a real retreat for me.  Joe tags along, making sure the children are where they belong and catching up with old friends as well. 

We left on a Wednesday and went as far as Columbus to Delaware State Park.  The plan was to visit their science museum in Columbus the next day.  It was a good thing that we called that morning.  They were closed for 3 weeks for re-vamping exhibits.  Instead we went to Trader Joe’s, one of my favorite grocery stores.  Here is a display that we just had to get a picture of.  ohio-vs.JPG One of our good friends is a BIG Michigan State College footbal fan.  (Hi Mark!)   We also found an overstock book shop in an old Catholic church that we stopped in.  After that we figured we would just go onto the next place, be there early, and stop at St. Paul’s Monestary. 

Let me say right now that I am very good at map reading and directions.  But, when I get to eastern Ohio, you might as well forget it!  We drove around looking for Mosquito Lake state park.  Between signs being down and knowing how many times we got lost the last time 3 years ago, we could not find it.  So we decided to go to West Point State park.  We found that park, but there were no sites that were long enough for us.  Most of the camp sites were booked!  Apparently it is a very popular state park.  While waiting for someone to get towed out of the middle of the road, I called Mosquito Lake park and found out they had plenty of sites available.   Back on the road we went, off again to that state park.  We did find it this time with the help of Microsoft Streets and Trips, but it was not early any more.  We set up camp and that was it. 

On Friday it was off to Our Lady of Lebanon National Shrine.  It really is a beautiful place.  We were only a little late and went about getting the children settled.  Fr. Tom, our Holy Family Institute directior had just arrived and it was so good to see him as always.  2007_092527sept20070011.JPG(This is Fr. Tom pictured with Bl. James Alberione, the founder of the Pauline Family.)  He celebrated his 50th Anniversary of  priesthood this summer. 

What followed was 3 days of prayer, conferences (this year’s theme was St. Paul.  Fr. Jeff wonders why more people don’t LOVE St. Paul), fellowship, hugs, talking, pictures, shopping (Daughters of St. Paul), and wonderful times. 

This year our good friends Greg and Dian (who you hear about lots on this blog) made their First Profession.  Here are us, them, and their other witnesses Mary and Paul.gabbetts-first-profession-1.JPG

One thing I  do every year is bring my camera.  However I very rarely take pictures.  On Sunday when the group photo was taken, I took out my camera and started shooting.    

burkes-and-pa-couple.jpg  buzz.JPG  dian-and-fr.JPG 

 lisa-and-her-husband.JPGgreg-br.JPG  joe-and-tammy.JPG 

luz-and-charlotte-07.JPG(This is my good friend Luz.  She and I made our First Professions on the same day last year.  Anytime during the 3 days I never know when I am going to hear her sweet, happy voice saying “Kristen!”  It is a blessing and a joy to see her every year.)

john-and-peter.JPG   mary-and-allaire.JPG therese-gina-kellys-and-friend.JPG 

 lisa-and-tina.JPG  triduum-group-shot-8.JPG  triduum-01-4.jpg 

 sr-mary-tiziana-and-fr.JPG  2007_092527sept20070039.JPG 2007_092527sept20070037.JPG 

 2007_092527sept20070043.JPG  2007_092527sept20070045.JPG  2007_092527sept20070048.JPG

Kevin served at all 3 of the Masses that weekend and John served at 2.  These pictures are from the final Mass on Sunday.

kevin-serving-triduum.JPG  triduum-servers-2.JPG   triduum-servers-5.JPG

A tradition for us the last 4 years in Ohio is the Monday after the Triduum we goto Mass and have breakfast at the St. Pauls Monestary in Canfield.  We usually sit with Brother Paschal.  On Sunday we saw Br. and he asked if we were coming and we said yes.  br.JPG

Due to detours and other things (more getting lost and stopping by the shrine to pick up the jacket that Kevin left behind) we missed Mass and breakfast.  We were not even sure if anyone would be around.  Well, it turned out to be the best time we ever had there.   A very special sr.JPGSr. Mary Tiziana was still there along with Fr. Joe, an Indian priest who was sent to the US recently and some of the brothers. 

The boys ate some more thanks to the wonderful cook who heated up left over breakfast for them.  Then Br. James asked if they wanted to go for a ride on the golf cart.  They responded with a resounding, “Yeah” and ran out the door.  In the meantime we found Br. Paschal who just lit up when he saw us, and we were just as happy to see him.  Joe, Charlotte and I were going out to pick corn with Br. Paschal and when we walked out the door James was drving the golf cart with his brothers and MaryEllen sitting in the cart, and a smiling Br. James standing on the back.  golf-cart-1.jpg It was so funny.  My only regret was not getting it on video.  Next Kevin got in the driver’s seat.  golf-cart-2.jpg He pressed on the gas and everyone went forward.  MaryEllen literally screamed with laughter and it was just such a funny site!  After all that and checking out the grounds (including the Alba House store) it was time for lunch.  The cook did a wonderful job of preparing enough food for everyone, as another HFI couple stopped in.  After lunch Br. James said to John, “Now next year you won’t slam on the brakes, will you.”  We all howled again and rumor has it that James ran into the wall on that cart as well.  After lunch Br. Dominic took Joe, MaryEllen, and the boys on a tour of their TV studio.  Charlotte and I stayed outside and played ball with Br. Paschal.  brother-paschal-and-the-family.JPG

When we left we only had a little bit of time to get to Canton to go and see the Pro Football hall of Fame.  We had told the boys we were going to the President McKinley museum and library there.  We would have done that too had there been enough time.  But, that worked and the boys were totally surprised, as they were not paying attention to where we were going and when Joe said something to get their attention, they looked up and found themselves at the Hall of Fame.  Personally I was really not looking forward to going in there.  The kids kept telling me whose shoes and shoulder pads I was going to see.   This really did not impress me at all.  However, when we went in and started looking at things, I found myself having a pretty good time.  They had giant screen touch TVs and it showed clips of the people in the hall of fame.  So, you got to se the very best football clips!  We could have spent A LOT more time in that place, but it was closing.

 That evening we drove some more, ate at a resturant in Columbus, drove a little more and stopped for the night.   The children were all asleep at that point.

 The next day we got up and (you guessed it) drove more.  We stopped in Kentucky at the Monestary of Gethsemane where a community of Trappist Monks live.  2007_092527sept20070064.JPG They showed a video of the Monks’ lives and it was pretty neat to see.  We also met the monk who has been there the longest, 62 years.  He entered the community when he was 15.  He said they started to talk in the 60s and he likes that better because you get to know your brothers better.  They had a hill you could climb up to a lovely St. Joseph statue.  Here is the statue and the view of the monestary.  2007_092527sept20070065.JPG   2007_092527sept20070070.JPG

We arrived home late that night.  We had a wonderful trip and are already looking forward to it next year.


2007_092527sept20070052.JPGThis is Fr. Tom with Msgr. Anthony, the rector of the Shrine.  This is how Msgr. dresses every year on Sundays.  It was 3 years ago when Kevin walked up to him and said, “Excuse me.  Who are you pretending to be?”  Msgr. had a really surprised look on his face (and a smile) and said in his robust voice, “I’m not pretending to be anybody!”  I remind Msgr. of this every year and he still laughs.  This year his answer was, “Some days I’m still trying to figure it out.” 


13 Responses to “Ohio Trip 2007”

  1. Cay in La. Says:

    What a great trip. Thank you for sharing, Kristen. 🙂

  2. Bridget Says:

    Beautiful pictures! What a blessing family trips are.

  3. Madelyn Says:

    What a great job of sharing your family trip. Hopefully some day we will be doing a trip just like you. Great pictures great family! Love to all Maddie

  4. allaire Says:


    what a great recounting of the triduum and your family adventure….I had not heard the story of “who are you pretending to be”….it made me laugh. You and your family are part of what makes those three days so special for me. thank you.

  5. mary lou Says:

    Kris, sounds like a wonderful vacation! Love to see your pictures!

    Love, Mary Lou

  6. Dorothy Says:

    Sounds like fun. We rarely go on trips, as I work weekends. That way I only pay for a sitter 2 days a week. Remember Juanita who played in the folk group years ago? Her little sister Regina is now my sitter.

  7. Sue Says:

    Hi, Kris!
    When we used to live in Lawrenceville – way before your time – Dad used to fix golf carts. To try them out, he’d give us rides on them. We only had up to Mary Lou then and I think she was too little, but the rest of us were just as thrilled with the ride as your kids are now! I’m glad you had such a great trip. P.S. Happy birthday a little early!!!

  8. Homer Says:

    Oh, Kristin! You are a gal of my own heart! I totally endorse your trip report and pictures! It will always be a treasured time and memory for the whole family!

    Homer and I went to Gethsemane around 1986 to see Brother Patrick Hart. It was an incredible event for us. We sat spellbound during the chanting….

    My how the kids have grown! Somehow, Kristin, you hardly look old enough to have all those beautiful children–you look great and hope you feel great!

    Best love,
    Marie and Homer

  9. Ruth Says:

    Kristen, I love these pictures. They have brought such a smile to my face. I would love to visit there some day. You did an amazing job writing about your retreat. How fun, and what wonderful memories for the kids. God bless you. I hope you can come up this way sometime.

  10. Pat Bacuros Says:

    Kristen: I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAD TIME TO DO THIS. THis is great and so glad to hear from you. What a great time and thanks for sharing all of it with us. Stay in touch and God bless!

  11. Nicole Palmer Says:

    That was amazing! I wish I had half the talent! The family looks wonderful! What an experience!

  12. Maria Says:

    Kristen, Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I enjoyed reading about it and seeing the great photos! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  13. Vicki Says:

    You did an excellent job on your blog presentation. I almost felt like I was there. Hard to imagine the golf carting, though, as I never been in one. I’m glad the whole family had such a wonderful time together. When God’s the focus of the trip, how can it end up any way, but great! Blessings!

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