Happy 9th Birthday, Kevin!

Kevin’s birthday seemed to be celebrated for several days.  Everyone had fun, especially Kevin.

First of all, Aunt Mary Lou sent a cool board game that has been played a lot around here.  The children tell me they even learn things about American history.

On Kevin’s Birthday, some cards came in the mail and he got to open presents.  He seemed pleased with them.  We also had pizza for dinner which is always a big treat.

 The next day Uncle Tom was coming home, so I made a birthday cake and that evening we celebrated with Kevin’s God father (Tom). 



 If this post had been finished in a timely manor pictures would have been posted.  But, since I just found it, I also realized that all the pictures have been lost.  We had a computer problem.  My mail program would not come up.  After not being able to fix it, Joe “reset the parameters” of the Mac and every bit of information that I put on that Mac computer was lost, including all the pictures.  I am once again back on my old machine and need to remember how to post pictures again.  We’ll see what happens.


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