Yes, I’m still here…

Just very, very busy.  Please pray for the repose of the soul of my Uncle Buddy.  He passed away last Wednesday.  We found out while on a field trip to Arnold Air Force Base, which,  incidentaly was a wonderful place to visit.  So, we went home that afternoon and got Mother a flight out and back again.  We had to leave very early on Friday morning and somehow I missed the airport.  I have been there before and was following the signs, but something got past me.  She hates me to take her because we always end up running late.  Because of that this time was no different!  Ugh!  Mother did, however make her flight.  The rest of the weekend we had problems with our phone line so I could not get online to update anything or even to check my mail.  Today I woke up with the gum above my tooth that is no longer there very sore.  I feel an infection coming on.  It is frustrating trying to regain health.  The up side is I feel better overall and have lost 16 pounds.  Yeah!  Today I am awaiting Mother’s flight.  We were going to be gone already, but my sister called to warn us that the flight was delayed.  So, we are waiting some more.

This year for our homeschool we decided to purchase uniforms.  The real reason is daily Mass.  Sometimes we would get there and I could not believe what my children were wearing.  Now I just say, “Get your uniforms on.”  Of course Kevin has managed to stain a stain resistant shirt many times over and it is only the second week wearing it!    Here is a picture of MaryEllen in hers…  uniform1.jpg  you have never seen a child so excited to put one of these things on!

We have already harvested some pumpkins.  There are no huge ones, but that is OK.  There has been a severe drout and they have not been watered as much as they needed to be.   Last year when I harvested them I brought them right up and in the house for cool storage.  Something that I read this winter said it was good to leave them cure in the field for a few days.  We tried that this year and a few of them went soft and the bugs became a problem.  The rest we took right in.  There are several more up there that need to be picked, but that will have to wait a day or two.  Here’s the view under the kitchen table this year, so far…undertable1.jpg

So, there is the update.  Thanks for checking.


4 Responses to “Yes, I’m still here…”

  1. mary lou Says:

    welcome back…

    just talked to MaryJoe… i’ll have to fill you in on the dirt over the phone

    what would Kevin like this year?

    Love, ML

  2. Laura Says:

    Nice uniforms!

    Me, I still cannot believe what I dressed myself in when I was a kid. Outrageous would be a kind way of describing my “outfits.” Were there five of me, I am sure my mom would have put us in little Sound-of-Music sailor suits… Very smart.


  3. Kathleen Says:


    Mary Ellen sure does shine! Love the uniform!!!!


  4. Laura Says:

    I laughed about the uniform comment… my oldest boy attends our parish school and the uniforms are impossible to keep clean (even the stainless paints… ). I’ve tried everything, and it just isn’t worth exposing myself to all of those chemicals just to get the stains out when they don’t come out.

    Cute uniforms… you could even get cardigans with your own school logo from lands end 🙂

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