Sunday Drive, July 15, 2007

What to do, where to go?  In Virginia we were always going to something War Between the States this time of year.  Tennessee just does not have that much.  What prompted me to look at my planner for the first time in weeks I’ll never know, but noted on that weekend was an artillery demonstration at Stones River National Battlefield.  So, that is where we drove to.  We will have to go back and explore much more, but the demonstrations that these people put on were really well done.  The people acted as if they were the same people who were around that area.  There was a program called “mail call” where the characters read letters “they” had written at the time of the war.  That is the only picture I took!  For the cannon fire, MaryEllen was having a fit, so we were a good distance away from that.  The men did do a lot of explaining about why, when, where, and how they were fired.  Again, very well done.  We found a nice spot to sit and picnic and Kevin found a nice tree to sit on.  kevintree1.jpg

This picture is taken during the “mail call.”   stonesr1.jpg Our children are the 5 in the very back of the group.  Notice the sisters.  That is really why I took that picture.

2 o’clock was the last demonstration and the reenactors started taking everything down.  We did a short driving tour and then took off.  Something stated me thinking about the Parthenon in Nashville, so we drove there.  The place is huge!  Inside is a 42 foot statue of the goddess Athena.  She is pretty impressive for a false god.  There are a few art displays and we saw them as well.   Around the Parthenon is Centinial Park.  There is a nice big pond with a fountain and a lot of flowers and ducks.  That was Charlotte’s favorite part.

parth1.jpg      parth2.jpg    parth3.jpg


One Response to “Sunday Drive, July 15, 2007”

  1. Laura Says:

    Architectural education. Good. I like this. I would LOVE to see this building!!!

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