Monday at the Pool

We went swimming at a pool in another town with some friends of ours.  Where is the camera when you need it?  We were some of the first people there.  While putting our things down on a grassy area, the children noticed an animal off in the distance.  Isn’t it cute, a skunk.  Well the animal started coming closer to the fence.  The lifeguards were told about it and every one was watching it.  The next thing you know, the skunk found a way into the pool fence.  You never saw so many moms grab children and run into the pool.  4 men came by and were sort of meandering a long after the skunk.  When the skunk noticed the men getting closer, his tail went up.  One mom was having a particular fit because the skunk was right near her things.  The men backed off, the skunk left the pool area and the guys followed the skunk off somewhere else.  I don’t know what they did with him, but he was not seen for the rest of the time that we were there.


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