The View Today, July 5, 2007

Today there was time spent in the gardens, especially the pumpkin patch.  Please excuse the weeds as I have been pretty much out of commission for nearly a week now.

First in the pumpkin patch, there are two critters that are a constant battle.  The smaller beetle looking one is a squash bug.  One of their defense mechanisms is playing dead.  The first time I saw this bug was lying under a plant while looking for the other critter.  He was lying up-side-down very still and my first reaction was “good, he’s dead.”  A second later something told me to check.  He was far from dead and they will only die between two rocks at a really good angle.


What the next pest is is anyone’s guess.  My thought is that it is a root borer, but I’m not sure what they look like.  These bugs were all over the pumpkins and summer squash by the end of last year (when I didn’t kill them) and were eatig into the pumpkins.  Also, by that time, the roots of all squash and pumpkins were damaged.  I’ll keep searching (and squishing the darn things.)


Now onto the nice things.  When I walked up the hill to the patch, this is the sight that greeted me today…


There were several more lovely sights, as well as weeding, bug killing, and our neighbor bringing up one of his dogs for a little visit.  As he left he said, “Well, I’ll let you get back to your bug picking.”  LOL!!  When he got there he did say it looked pretty good to him.  I took that as quite the compliment since he grew up on a farm and I didn’t.

MaryEllen was playing with the hose, shooting it up high and then asked if it went high enough, “will it touch the sky?”   The boys came up to make rukus.  I asked when they were planning on making themselves useful and start weeding.  Funny how they don’t hear that.  I’m sure if I mentioned ice cream or popsicles they would have heard me a mile away.

This is the plant that was there when I weeded before any seeds were planted this year.  We’ll just call it the mystery plant.


This picture is just to give a little idea of the size of some of the plants.


So far, one King of Mammoth did not grow, so I re-planted the mound and it is coming along.  We lost one mound of Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkins due to those darned pests, and one mound of Tennessee Sweet Potato squash.   Speaking of Tennessee Sweet Potato squash, that plant has it’s own unique patterns on the leaves as seen here tnsweet1.jpg

After watering the pumpkin patch, I went back to the other side and took another picture.  The brown spots are the mounds of winter squash that have been watered.    It gives one a better idea of how many mounds there are up there.


I was hoping to find a black widow in the garden today.  Last week the camera was at the house when I saw this spider that looked almost like a black widow, but it had a skinny red stripe on it’s back.  However, when it turned over it had the unmistakable red hour glass on its belly, so it was indeed a black widow spider.  You learn something new everyday.  They do like to be near a place that has a good water source, and since the pumpkins are usually watered at least every other day, the spider must have thought she found a wonderful place for her web.

Other images seen around the place today were kittens and sunflowers.

Yancy (Son of Fancy) is the light kitten and the darker one is Charcoal.

kitties1.jpg    yancyrun1.jpg

The sunflowers came up from spilled bird seed.

sunflower2.jpg     sunflower1.jpg


2 Responses to “The View Today, July 5, 2007”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    Mystery plant? My best guess is antelope or honey dew melon. You’ll know soon enough.

  2. Dorothy Says:

    Cantelope-I can’t spell.

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