Today’s Shots and Activities

Well, didn’t do much this morning, only the usual 3 loads of laundry and making the bed.  I also tried to braid the girls’ hair.


After that I went outside for a walk around the yard to see what was going on.  Big mistake.  Once I get out, I can’t get back in.   First of all, out to the sorely neglected garden to see what needed to be done.  (What doesn’t need to be done at this point?  The zucchini is not even planted!  Ugh!)  While there, I took my camera out.  I tried to take some pictures of the little tiny tomatoes that are starting, but just when they were in the site, the wind blew so the pictures are blurry.  Here is the lettuce and one nice tomato plant.

lettuce.jpg      tomato.jpg

The radishes really need to be thinned.  The problem lies with Charlotte.  She usually follows me out there and when I try to thin, she really thins (not good, not good.)   The other picture is my Beauregard sweet potatoes. Having never grown sweet potatoes before, they were planted in a bit of a raised bed.  Perhaps they are way too close together.  Also, I had no idea they would vine like that.  Yes, I was unprepared, but when they arrived they needed to be in the ground immediately.

radishes.jpg     sweetpotao.jpg

Can you guess why we picked Beauregard?  Yes, he was one of our favorite War Between the States Generals.  After all, my children are members of Children of the Confederacy.  Their mother is northern by blood, but “Southern by the Grace of God.” And the Beauregard Sweet potato is also a Southern performer.

OK, out of the garden because water is on the stove for noodles.  I pass Liga’s pen and fill the cat food and water.  Oh, perhaps I’ll run up to the pumpkin patch, it will only take me a minute.  As I crested the hill, all one could see was a bunch of green that did not belong in that patch.  Next thing I know weeds are being pulled.  Suddenly the water on the stove is remembered.  Back to the house I go.  The next thing that comes to mind is the order at the health food store that needs to be picked up.  We load everyone up in the van and go get it.  When we get back, everyone is hungry so the water goes on again for noodles.  Mom promises that she will not leave the kitchen until noodles are made.  A while later Mom was able to return to the pumpkin patch with MaryEllen who kept her ever so entertained with her non-stop talking.  MaryEllen leaves, John comes up.  “Wow Mom, you’re really doing good with weeding this pumpkin patch.”  Mom responds, “Yes, and no thanks to you.”  Good son asks if he can help weed.  Mother responds with a resounding  YES!  That helped get it done faster.  Mother knows, especially as she types this that she will be sore tomorrow.  What a workout.    Before we went down the hill and to the house, the plants needed to be watered.  While watering Mom found this spider on one of the pumpkin plants…

spider1.jpg      spider2.jpg

This was the last thing that was seen at the pumpkin patch…

charwater1.jpg     charwater2.jpg

After the coveted peanut butter crackers were made and the watermelon cut, Mom snuck out again to the pumpkin patch.  She knew with one half hour of daylight left she might be able to get some more winter squash planted.  She thought right.


4 Responses to “Today’s Shots and Activities”

  1. snowbabies Says:

    spiders eeakk!

  2. donnamarie Says:

    I think your garden looks great…mine is still a clump of grass. Our gardening plans for this year had to be put on hold for next year. At least I will be over-prepared for that time…LOL! there such a thing ;o)

  3. Laurie Says:

    Hey, Kristin!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your garden looks great…so does the hair braiding! 🙂


  4. Madelyn Says:

    I love the girls hair I loved to braid my girls hair I would leave it in for a couple of days take it out and then the waves Beautiful!
    Pumpkin pie in the works? What is the green spider? Cannot believe you got that close to a spider You must be younger then me I remember when we use to have a garden Kind of remember mommy weeding too!!
    It will be worth it

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