Daddy Long-Legs

We had a pretty big Daddy Long-legs hanging around our back door for a few days.  I managed to get a pretty good picture.  does anyone know what those red things might be?  I looked in a few books and they lay eggs just before winter’s onset when most will die, so I don’t think they are babies.  In Comstock’s nature book it also said they are very particular about keeping their legs clean.  Those red things were on it all three days that it stayed around.

dadlongleg1.jpg     dadlongleg2.jpg


2 Responses to “Daddy Long-Legs”

  1. krisvog Says:

    Thanks to Mary M. in Denver, I believe this website (about halfway down) has the answer.

  2. Madelyn Says:

    Fear of spiders? Are you the same person? Good pictures

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