Happy 7th Birthday, James!

Wow, it is so hard to believe that my baby boy is 7 already.

Here is what our day looked like:

– Bible school. (on the way to and from, James asking if he had any presents.)
– Dad made James a wooden machine gun. How cool. (James had been pestering Dad for that gun non-stop for the last 2 weeks.
– James went into town with Dad.
– James opens his presents and is very pleased with them. An air rocket thingy, a remote control helicopter to fly in the house, and a leatherworking kit.
– Helicopter flights. In an exciting turn of events, Dad bugs James to let him fly it.
– The Gabbetts surprise James with a visit for dinner and cake and a couple of knight figures. (Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Gabbett!)
– Pizza or dinner!
– Cake for dessert! (Singing of Happy Birthday, he blows the candles out, etc…)
– More helicopter flights and playing with knights.
– Outside to shoot off more air rockets.
– MaryEllen picks a lettuce leave to eat.
– More helicopter flights.
– Gabbetts leave while more knight play goes on.
– MaryEllen has the lettuc leave which looks as if it is covered in mud. When she is eating it I ask what is on it and she gets a big smile. Chocolate icing!
– Bed time and prayers.
– James exclaims that this is the best birthday of his whole life.

What a lovely gift, even if I did spend all afternoon cooking. It was well worth it.


One Response to “Happy 7th Birthday, James!”

  1. Madelyn Says:

    I am glad we could add to James excitement in his whole life
    Lettuce with icing umm Will it ever make it into a cookbook?
    I enjoy this blog stuff This is a blog? who cares what it is called It is cool

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